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Is He About To Propose

Is he ready to propose?  Should I get a manicure for that all important engagement ring selfie on Instagram? 
Is it too early to change my Facebook status to engaged?
Should I start building my future wedding dress board on Pinterest? (Yes, it's never too early to start looking!)
Look for these telltale signs to see if he will get down on one knee.
  1. Has he been poking around your jewelry box?
    What this means: He might be trying to figure out your ring size or your taste in jewelry.

  2. Is he spending extra time with your family? 
    What this means: He might be looking to ask your father for your hand in marriage. 

  3. Is he asking to watch your favorite chick flicks?  
    What this means: He might be looking to see what you consider romantic so he can plan the picture perfect proposal.

  4. Is he planning a romantic getaway for the two of you?  
    What this means: He wants to set the perfect scene for the ultimate romantic proposal.
  5. Has he been saving up?  
    What this means: He might be saving for an engagement ring or a nest egg for your future together.

  6. Did he ask you to move in with him? 
    What this means: He's clearly looking toward your future together.

  7. Is he trying to bond with your girlfriends? 
    What this means: He might want to be a part of your inner circle so he can get your friends’ approval.

  8. Has he been acting extra nervous around you? 
    What this means: He's planning the big moment and might be worried you'll catch on. (Don't let on if you do.)

Tis the Season...

Tis the Season... 

Celebrate the holiday season with a beautiful cross from Gottlieb & Sons.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Gottlieb & Sons

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Happy Birthday September Babies!

It's September and this month's birthstone is the beautiful Sapphire! Celebrate your September baby and bring home one of these beautiful pieces from Gottlieb & Sons today!