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Top Jewelry Trends from Summer Runways 2017

Not only do April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring stunning summer jewelry. That’s right-- it’s time to shine, ladies! This season, when it comes to jewelry, “bold” and “chunky” seem to be the magic words; it’s all about creating a memorable statement. Perfect for fashion connoisseurs who love indulging in the glossiest trends, these top picks are quickly climbing the style charts. You can easily recreate these runway looks, from Paris to Milan, with these precious look-alike pieces.


Statement Earrings

Designers are showing heavier abstract pieces for earrings this summer.  With long, dangling shapes and intricate textures, ladies are invited to take more risk with their style. As a fearless statement, these earrings will stand elegantly as the centerpiece of your outfit. So, to keep the focus on these royal ear-danglers, make sure to keep your makeup fresh and neutral.

To get the look, check out these prong and pave earrings by Gottlieb & Sons. Even though your earlobes will be carrying some extra weight, you’ll be glad you made your fashion mark with this chunky earring trend.




Precious Stones

Earth tones have made a huge comeback this season. Perhaps the fashion world is becoming  more “environmentally sensitive”, but no matter the reason, we’re thrilled about it! As seen on the runways, earth-tone jewelry was a major theme. Letting us channel our inner hippie ( like a queen), we’re embracing gemstones with hues of green, amber and maroon. Also, ocean blue and topaz are being used constantly, which is especially good news if you were born in May.





We know cuffs were big during the winter season, but this trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Whether it’s brass bangles inspired by the Aztecs, or the bedazzled bracelets of our favorite celebs, cuffs are one of the hottest jewelry trends to grace us with its beauty (besides the summer sun). Don’t miss out on one of the most chic accessories of the season. This gorgeous vintage cuff by Gottlieb & Sons offers  a uniquely formal take on this trend.





Chokers made their return from the 90’s and are back with a proud elegance. Not only do they flatter almost every type of neckline, but they create a more elongated look, making you appear more poised and feminine. You can take this trend to the highest levels of glamor with this exquisite diamond necklace choker by Gottlieb & Sons.


(Source: Vogue)


As we eagerly await the onset of summer, the only treat left to savor are all these radiant jewelry trends. The bigger the better, as brilliantly stated on the runways, letting you make an incredibly confident statement with jewelry that feels straight out of Vogue. So, unleash your styling sensibilities and prepare to plan some seriously special outfits this season.

Popular Jewelry Trends She’ll Love

Picking out jewelry for a woman can be tough, especially when she’s a picky fashionista. But, not to worry. You can just think to yourself: What is she like? Is she bold and beautiful, sassy and outgoing, or maybe an easy-going sweetheart? Does she want all of the glitter and glam or something pretty and simple? Once you’ve made some thoughtful considerations, you’ll be ready to start your jewelry gift hunt. Start your search with these popular jewelry trends that she’ll 100% love!




Chokers are back and better than ever!

There are a lot of ways that you can go about shopping this trend. Yes, there’s the typical grungy-90’s-era choker, the velvet strip choker, and the tied choker. But, as the year is coming to a close and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, a little bit of glitz and glamour may be just what she needs.

Diamond chokers are all the rage now and it’s a guaranteed win when it comes to gifts. Let her toss her plain-jane basic choker aside to let her gorgeous new one shine!




Move aside statement necklaces--this is the statement piece that’ll win her heart this season! Thick cuffs have been all the rage in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 fashion weeks, so why not let your girl feel like she’s up on the runway? This stunning piece by Gottlieb & Sons makes the perfect accessory for a formal outfit, giving her that wow-worthy moment she deserves.

Give her a red carpet moment this holiday season, and I guarantee you’ll cuff her heart all season long!


Layered Necklaces


Necklaces have gotten more dainty this year, and that’s because a lot of people have been downsizing from the statement necklace craze.

They offer the same level of glam as a statement necklace without the volume. Try this gorgeous design by Gottlieb & Sons, featuring a round cluster pendant, embellished with lovely marquise and princess cut diamonds with a halo of round diamonds. Not only will she be proud to rock this stunner around her neck, she’ll be glowing because she knows it came from you.


Layered Rings


If you’re stuck on what she’ll love, just grab a couple of beautiful thin rings that she can wear all together. This works especially well if they look like they may be sister-rings! We guarantee that she won’t be able to leave the house without putting all of them on.

If her mantra for jewelry is go-big-or-go-home, then she’ll love bedecking herself in her new set of gorgeous rings. Why not shower her in sparkles?


Rose Gold


Rose gold has been gaining popularity lately, but this year it’s reached an all-time high. We’re not entirely sure why, but it’s absolutely everywhere-- the new iPhone, laptops, hair dye—so why not jewelry?

If your girl is a major trend-setter, she’ll definitely be on board with rose gold jewelry. It will give her that extra something to spice her outfit. And besides, don’t you love it when she’s happy? As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life-- right?


Hopefully now your imagination is rumbling with ideas. It’s not easy to buy gifts for your honey, so when in doubt, just trend it out!  She’ll be sure to love any one of these styles this holiday season—bonus points if you can incorporate more than one trend into a gift idea!