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5 Pinterest-worthy Engagement Rings You'll Die For

When we think Pinterest, we think top-of-the-line, wish-it-was-mine, got-to-have-it-now, types of pins. So, no surprise, it’s also our one-stop shop for all things wedding-related. If you’re a bride, chances are you’ve got a wedding board with about 5,000 pins right down to the napkin designs for the big day. But that wedding board starts with an engagement, and every engagement needs a ring. So we’re here to help you on your Pinterest search for the ideal one, that life-changing sparkler that’s more exciting than saying “I do”.


Belongs on your Board


Sorry, I can’t seem to see your finger behind that ROCK of an engagement ring! What is it they always say? The more the merrier? Well they’re definitely right- especially in the case of diamonds. This three stone ring by Gottlieb & Sons belongs on the cover of your Pinterest board with its unique trapezoid shape and diamond-covered band. It stands as the crème-de-la-crème of rings, making all your engaged girlfriends question their own designs—sorry ladies…




For the attention-loving jewelry addict, there’s nothing quite like this showstopper. It looks like it’s straight out of a magazine ad with its intricate design and perfectly placed diamonds haloed by rose gold accents. Points for your guy if he picks out something like this for you and major points if he does it without looking at your Pinterest board!


Perfectly Pinterest


When it comes to classic Pinterest rings, the word vintage always comes to mind. This floral halo engagement ring by Gottlieb & Sons is everything classic, with its split shank bead and milgrain edges complete with filigree. It kind of reminds us of Emma Bunton’s (aka Baby Spice) engagement ring circa 2011, and you can’t go wrong with a little inspo from a Spice Girl. Basically, tell him what you want, what you really really want by showing him this ring!


Mix Metals not Feelings


Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been on Pinterest in the last year, then you know two-toned metal engagement rings are IT. It’s okay to want it all when it comes to the ring you’re going to be wearing for the rest of your life, and mixed metals like this rose and white gold engagement ring from Gottlieb & Sons definitely delivers.

Mixed metals are versatile as they can be worn with just about any jewelry already in your collection without looking mismatched. Say hello to easy outfits in a flash!


A Little More Pin-spiration


Still haven’t found the ring that speaks to you? If you’re more of the intricate and articulate type of gal, try opting for something a little more expressive, like this breathtaking hexagonal design by Gottlieb & Sons. Artistic in its nature, it features two side set diamonds to balance out the enormous rock in the middle. Believe us; you’ll be seeing this style on Pinterest boards everywhere in 2017.



Each of these Pinterest-worthy rings make a statement of luxury and glamour, which is exactly what you want for a ring you’ll be wearing for eternity. Like your hubby, you’ll be waking up to this ring every day, so make sure it’s something worth admiring.

Is He About To Propose

Is he ready to propose?  Should I get a manicure for that all important engagement ring selfie on Instagram? 
Is it too early to change my Facebook status to engaged?
Should I start building my future wedding dress board on Pinterest? (Yes, it's never too early to start looking!)
Look for these telltale signs to see if he will get down on one knee.
  1. Has he been poking around your jewelry box?
    What this means: He might be trying to figure out your ring size or your taste in jewelry.

  2. Is he spending extra time with your family? 
    What this means: He might be looking to ask your father for your hand in marriage. 

  3. Is he asking to watch your favorite chick flicks?  
    What this means: He might be looking to see what you consider romantic so he can plan the picture perfect proposal.

  4. Is he planning a romantic getaway for the two of you?  
    What this means: He wants to set the perfect scene for the ultimate romantic proposal.
  5. Has he been saving up?  
    What this means: He might be saving for an engagement ring or a nest egg for your future together.

  6. Did he ask you to move in with him? 
    What this means: He's clearly looking toward your future together.

  7. Is he trying to bond with your girlfriends? 
    What this means: He might want to be a part of your inner circle so he can get your friends’ approval.

  8. Has he been acting extra nervous around you? 
    What this means: He's planning the big moment and might be worried you'll catch on. (Don't let on if you do.)