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Engagement Ring Styles for your Nail Tips

Nail Tips

Just how every woman has that one favorite lipstick shade, the same loyalty should apply to engagement rings and nail tips. For every diamond shape, there’s a nail tip that will compliment it best. And you can’t get around this rule, as firm and true as the laws of gravity. Seriously, when you’re shopping for that eternal sparkler, there’s no amount of wishing that will make it work—there’s just certain styles you can’t rock, sorry! If you’re not sure about which diamond cuts can work with your nail tips, use this foolproof guide to make sure you never commit this engagement crime.


Look Well-Round


Round nails are making a comeback in the manicure world, especially with classic polishes like pale pinks and French manicures. The more traditional look calls for a traditional ring, so opt for a solitaire cut diamond and a simple band like this one from Gottlieb & Sons. It’s both classic and dainty looking, which will bode well with your Instagram followers!


Square but Sharp


Just because your nails are square doesn’t mean you have to be! When it comes to your engagement ring with nails like this, think “opposites attract”. Cushion cut and round rings look best with square nails to balance out the square shape, and you can play around with diamond bands too. This ring by Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for a square mani, because of its gorgeous rounded center diamond bordered with smaller diamonds.


Simply Short


If your nails are basic, you can go nuts on the bling when it comes to the engagement ring. Short nails tend to give the illusion that your fingers are shorter, so rectangular stones can make your hands look longer. With that, stay away from chunky bands that will appear to shorten your fingers. A slender band like this one from Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for shorter nails, without being too plain Jane!


Sexy and Stiletto


One of the most extreme nail shapes taking over the Pinterest world right now are the pointy, stiletto nails, or should we say claws. They’re savagery in the form of a manicure, and because of their rebellious look, you can’t be wearing some average ring with them. It’s like drinking Dom Pérignon in sweat pants-- it doesn’t work!

An edgy ring like this will pair perfectly with your over-the-top mani, letting you celebrate your feline nails proudly! Meow!


Amazingly Almond


A personal favorite of ours, the almond nail shape is a perfect cross between the traditional round and the sharply square mani. They’re like high-heels for your hands without being too tall and uncomfortable. Since they make your hands look slender, you can select an engagement ring with double banding. Basically, it’s better to go with a chunkier piece that won’t make your hands look too short.



Basically, the lesson here is just because you dig a ring, doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Live by this mantra and never risk clashing your ring with your nail tips. Remember, your nail tips are your womanly power; they’re meant to decorate and beautify you, so choose a ring that celebrates your mani style.

7 Most Glamorous Designer Bridal Heels of 2016

Are you about to take that heart-pounding walk down the aisle?  Are you ready to be watched intently by all your friends and family as you take your steps to join your one to say “I do”?   Start with the right heels. Turn your big moment into a bridal catwalk down the runway like a diva. Here are some of the most glamorous designer bridal heels of 2016 that we hope will be inspirational for you!



How much more dazzling could you get than wearing Cinderella shoes to your dream wedding?  The “Cinderella Slipper” is a remake of the iconic glass slipper worn by Cinderella – you know, the girl who lives out her epic rags to riches tale and weds her Prince Charming, living happily ever after.  How fitting!  


And get this, the shoe has 7,000 Swarovski crystals of various sizes, and 46 embroidered stones.  Nobody can deny such glitz and romance!  Cinderella would definitely approve!




Sparkle like a diamond, and flash that envy-inspiring red sole!  

This Christian Louboutin open-toe pump is not called “Very Rich” for nothing.  Covered top to bottom with hand-placed crystals, it almost blinds us with shimmer and glitter.  


Yet, these super high stiletto can feel intimidating, especially with the possibility of tripping and tumbling down the aisle (#bridefail) -- yikes !  But don’t worry; the positive feedback from those lucky enough to own a pair is quite reassuring.  These heels are surprisingly comfy and steady!  

 And that is one of many reasons why Louboutins have been the shoe of choice at all the ritzy Hollywood red carpet affairs.   




Flats for a wedding?  Oh, yes, please!


For that perfect glam-to-comfort ratio check out Manolo Blahnik’s Sicaria Crystal-Embellished d’Orsay Flat. The heel is unmistakably Blahnik (Carrie Bradshaw would instantly fall in love!), and the large crystals all over the ankle strap take this flat into the glamo-sphere of Sex in the City and maybe even the Kardashianland.  




Sculptural heels were a runway hit this year.  And Tory Burch’s “Firenza” sandal is a perfect marriage of this fashion trend and glitz galore.   


With shiny gold leather all over a sleek sandal top, the Firenza mesmerizes with an ornate, eye-popping heel.  The design evokes a bit of the Arabian nights with a romantic Renaissance Italy vibe.  These globetrotting knockouts will have you strutting down the aisle like a true fashionista!




Few designers bring to mind old Hollywood and new Hollywood glam like Oscar de la Renta – the master of romance and sophistication with a twist of trendy.    


Their peep-toe sandal is a prime example.  The intricate Ambria beaded-embroidered appliqués say “something old”, but the metallic heel, the peep toe, and the back zip say “something new.”  All that’s left is to snag something borrowed and you’re all set!




Say, “mine, mine” to this Miu Miu Studded Block Heel Platform Sandal!  


Block heels were all the rage this year, adored for their flirtatiously chunky look. This sleek and curvy sandal with a tower-like, crystal-encrusted heel is a total showstopper.  We get the latest style and comfort at that most important moment in our lives – what else can we ask for?




The “mule” shoe design and the sexy ankle ties are definitely a 2016 look.  Here, the two looks are combined in one uber luxurious bridal version envisioned by Gianvito Rossi.   


 The many crystal embellishments sprinkled in an abstract design on the etoile mesh and the stiletto heel (also very crystally and sparkly) are absolutely spell-binding. Love!




Now the only problem is, which is the one for you?  It’s times like this, we wish we were centipedes -- those lucky creatures have 100 legs!  But frankly, any of these works of glam art will do the trick to stun your guests with the glitter, glitz and glamour of your bridal shoes.