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Halo Engagement Rings She'll Die For

A diamond engagement ring is, arguably, the single most important item a woman will ever own. That being said, we live in a wonderful time where the options are endless and the "rules" no longer apply. You can never go wrong with a single, sparkling, solitaire diamond. However, if you want to punch that up a notch, there's only one option - surround that solitaire with a halo of diamonds. Is there any better way to commemorate your earthly angel than with a halo of shimmering diamonds? Let's take a look at some gorgeous options.

The Classic Solitaire, With Just the Right Pizazz


This is a gorgeous example of how the classic solitaire can really take it up a notch with just a little bit of help from its friends. Here we see that standalone giant surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that really force the rest of the engagement rings in the world to take a bow. These round halo diamonds sit atop a shared prong setting and are well-positioned to make your lifelong partner always remember how treasured she is.


An Oval Diamond Embraced by Round Diamonds


Now this is a stunner. A gorgeous oval diamond really punches up the size, giving that special someone added sparkle and shine to gaze at. Not only is this centerpiece surrounded by a series of round diamonds, it also boasts a pave half-band. If your lady loves the vintage vibe, this is right up her alley. Get ready to make her day, and by extension, the rest of her life!


Give Her Halo Something Colorful to Adorn


Don't be afraid to bedazzle her in a halo surrounding one colorful sparkler. The yellow diamond has become increasingly popular as an engagement ring. Its brightness is unparalleled. Now, her hand will shine bright like the setting sun and dance amongst glistening round diamonds. This statement piece wouldn't do without an accompanying pave band, so expect those small sparklers to twinkle all the way around her finger. When the special day arrives, pair this ray of sun with one more diamond pave band, and she's heaven-bound in this halo.


One More Round Option


If you're feeling like all these adornments are just not your lady's style, have no fear. The halo setting is still foolproof. This option may be just the ticket. It's another vintage throwback, and timeless classics will always stand strong. What’s interesting about this design is its flower essence. Doesn’t it look like a pretty little daisy? In this setting, a sturdy white gold or platinum band will prop up this masterpiece ever-so-elegantly. She’ll have a daily reminder of just who's propping her up each day, too.


A Halo for a Princess?


Discover the perfect compliment of stones. Here, you've got your princess-cut diamond, which is going to beam out rays of light in every direction, enveloped by a sprinkling of pave halo diamonds. This ring says it all. She's the sun and the moon. Your princess and your angel. As if it wasn't stunning enough from straight on, take a look at the side-view of this masterpiece. The pave work all along the side will make her smile, no matter which way she's admiring her timeless piece from you.

Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry You'll Love!

So, you’re getting married! Let the wedding bells ring. While you’re busy primping your ‘do and fluffing your gown, though, you might have overlooked one crucial element of your getup. Your jewelry. Taking your wedding look from boring to bridal is all about that extra bling, and it pays to get yours on point. Want your guests to gasp in awe? It’s time to turn to rose gold.

Rosy, regal and oh-so romantic, rose gold jewelry is the prime pick for your bridal embellishments. And when it comes to picking the pieces to work for you, there’s a whole lot of sparkle to play with. Bridal jewelry is at the top of its game this year and, with a little rose gold finishing, you can be, too!


Simple and pretty


When it comes to getting married, it’s all about the ring. Whether you choose to go big, minimalist or vintage, the choice is yours. Not sure where you stand on the scale? You can never go wrong with a little sparkle! Rose gold stackable bands are a great way of dressing up your look on the day, flashing your finger right through to the back of the room. This banded beauty uses all the right kinds of stone shapes, finishing off your bridal look with that easy, effortless style. This is rose gold to last a lifetime.


A touch of sparkle


Accessories, accessories, accessories. While getting your hair and gown on point are essential parts of any bridal look, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Looking to push your look to the next level? Finish it off with a diamond touch. Clustered together into one perfect pendant, these bridal diamonds are set in rose gold. Elegant, timeless and classic, the pendant will add just enough luxe to your bridal beauty, without going overboard. Check and check.


Vintage dreams


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue; how’s your checklist going? This vintage beauty covers at least two of the list, giving you time to breathe a little easier. Bright, bold and just a little bit of bling, this stunning rose gold sapphire ring is the ultimate finishing touch. Layer it on and let yourself shine!


Teardrops and waterfalls


Are you of the drama queen variety? Nothing makes a statement quite like a shining set of diamonds! This teardrop pendant is all about the big impact, turning all the attention on Y-O-U. Vintage-inspired, the pendant marches that fine line between contemporary and classic, pulling it off with gusto. When you’re looking for a piece to carry you through the main event, rose gold will set you apart from the crowd!


Starry Eyed and Simplistic


Thought simple was a sin? Set your eyes on this rose gold beauty! Glam and gleaming, the two-pronged diamond setting is all you need to shine on your big day. Adorn your fingers with a little sparkle and let the jewelry do all the talking for you. Your guests won’t believe their eyes, right from the back row to the front.


And there you have it; your big day made even better thanks to the help of a little rose gold. Worn around your neck or on your fingers, the softer hued metal is a true miracle worker, no matter your bridal style. It’s your time to shine!

Island Wedding Trends 2017

Pina colada in hand, coconut grove overhead; the island life isn’t half bad. And when it comes to the perfect wedding location? You can bet your bottom dollar that a dreamy island setup tops the list. If you’re lucky enough to have been invited to a far flung tropical location, you’re going to want to make the most of it.  Sun soaked for days and not a cloud in sight (fingers crossed), the beach is the arguably the best of the bridal options out there.

With all of that weather to deal with, though, just what can you do? Sure, you want to soak in all the sun but when you’re stuck out in the midday heat, you might begin to regret that floral cape and heavy flower crown.  Fear not; fashion is here. Island accessorizing is seriously hotting up its game and this year, it’s practically impossible to get it wrong. Ready to hit the beach? Your island is waiting!


Bring a little bling


Who said that too much is too much? When it comes to island bling, it pays to pile it high. Want to show off your tropical glow? Do it in gold. Accessorizing your look with a pair of vintage-inspired hoops is a simple yet effective way to get your style on point. Put these beauties on, tousle your hair a little and watch as the wedding guests flock to you. There’s a lot to be said about a little sparkle!


Windswept waves


Let’s face it; there’s no such thing as tamed tresses in the tropics. Letting your hair run wild can be the best way to embrace the island life, so don’t be afraid to really go for it with the texture. Your windswept waves will set you head and shoulders above the rest. And when it comes to the wedding photography? Nothing stands out from the crowd like a great head of hair.


Go in for the gold


We’re not saying that gold is the only way to go, but when you want to show off your tan, is there really any other choice? Chances are that you’re going sleeveless for your island jaunt and if that’s the case, you’re going to want to layer on those accessories. Building your bangles is the perfect way to accessorize your look without going overboard. Not sure where to start? This delicate bracelet will put you off to a flying start and for the rest, the sky’s the limit!


Pared back and pretty


If you’re heading to an island wedding any time soon, you need to start thinking about the whole sand situation. We love a heel as much as the next girl, but when you’re dealing with beach life, there’s no telling what might happen. This year, it’s all about the flat. While the thought of sporting a flat to your next wedding might seem all wrong, the laid-back style is totally in keeping with island life. Opt for a pretty, accessorized version and you won’t even notice the difference. Outfit: Sorted.


Braid it back


With all of that tropical weather to deal with, there’s no telling what your hair situation will be like once the ceremony is over. It’s best not to risk a hair disaster. Opting for a messy braid will keep you well in track with this year’s island trends while protecting your tresses from any sudden weather events. These undone plaits are the ultimate in island chic, giving you an updo that’s about as laid back as a pina colada on the beach.


Island life is all about kicking back and letting yourself go natural, but there’s nothing wrong with helping mother nature on her way. Boost your look, keep it basic and let yourself glow. What else is a tropical destination for, after all?

Top Dramatic Earring Designs for the Bride

Every bride is entitled to some drama during her look-at-me moment.  Fortunately, your wedding day makes it acceptable to prance around like a queen, especially when it comes to your jewelry! That’s right ladies; it’s time to get a little theatrical with your glitz! This season, it’s all about big, bold earrings, adding a heavier boost of glamor as you float toward the altar.


Not So Humble Hoops


Let your little hoops sit in the jewelry box. But only the biggest and brightest earrings deserve a spot at your wedding. These vibrant rose and white gold tapered hoops offer the ideal dramatic effect, featuring pavé and shared prong set with round diamonds. Pair them elegantly with a soft updo and a romantic barrett.


Embrace the Theatrics


Can a girl really ever have enough diamonds? Embrace your inner drama diva with these cascading diamond earrings. With loops on loops of gorgeous glimmer, they are reminiscent of Victorian chandeliers, creating a precious vintage feel. The dangling diamonds on the lowest ring level add movement to enhance their sparkling ambiance.


Bold in Black Diamonds


Nothing says, “I make my own rules” like wearing black on your wedding day. Now, we are not suggesting black is the new white by any means, but you can get away with these sensual ebony diamond dangling earrings. They’re going to contrast well with your white dress, and your guests will praise you for your daring choice in jewelry. Get ready to make waves on social media!


Something Old, Something New


For your wedding, you may be gifted a set of studs that have passed down through your family to be your "something old". Yet, usually these pieces tend to be “blah”, and since you’re going for a more dramatic look, simple studs just won’t do.

These two-tone convertible earring jackets make a devastatingly alluring statement. They’re adaptable, allowing you to transform them into bold drop-down danglers. You can begin the evening wearing them as jackets, but turn them into dazzling drop-down earrings for your banquet debut -- it’s never a dull moment!


Glorious in Gold


Gold chandelier earrings suggest classic royalty. And as a bride, you’re basically just as special. So, why not choose something vintage, taking your inspiration from a more innocent age. These gold drop earrings will steal the show-- second to your stunning engagement ring, of course. With their intricate detailing, you’ll shine with blinding bridal beauty!


Enjoy the one day where over-the-top dramatics are fully welcomed, and eagerly caught on camera. Capture every fabulous moment with a pair of ear candy you’ll love to look back on for years. You’ll never regret the day you fearlessly rocked those ear-resistible showstoppers!

Engagement Rings Wedding Bands Combos

As every picky lady knows, your wedding band is the finishing touch to your engagement ring. One cannot exist without the other. While some gals prefer a glitzy accent band, others appreciate a simple version, allowing their sparkling rock to be the center of attention.

If you’re undecided about which band style to choose, here are some gorgeous combinations that will leave you starry-eyed.

Halo Ring Combo


Halo rings were made popular by elegant ladies like Kate Middleton (with her Sapphire blue halo ring) and Natalie Portman, who reigned as the Swan Queen in The Black Swan film by Darren Aronofsky. In case you're not familiar with this type of ring, it is a model recognized by its centre stone framed by a setting of smaller stones or engravings -- which not only tastefully emphasizes the main diamond, but also holds the gems securely.

This particular style by Gottlieb & Sons features a round diamond surrounded by a delicate engraved bead halo, placed within a prong setting. And with its fluid composition, it leads the eye from the sparkling centre, to its dazzling band with its milgrain border.


Rose Gold Combo


Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold and copper, which results in a metallic hue that is extremely romantic and tends to compliment various skin tones. This colour has most recently been embraced by technological brands like Apple for its accessories, and seen throughout the fashion world -- for instance on the 2016 Victoria Secret Paris Fashion Show with the rose gold bomber jacket, or on the fine details on popular Michael Kors watches. So it's not surprising that even the goddess-like actress Blake Lively, known for portraying the fashion-forward Serena on Gossip Girl, embraced rose gold for her engagement ring.

This halo ring is done up in a vintage style, and shaped like a flower with pointed petals. It has milgrain details framing the diamond band -- giving it a feel that's both young and sophisticated. It's ideal for a bride who appreciates nature (or even dreams of that Spring or Summer wedding ceremony) or someone yearning for something stylish yet not quite conventional.



Emerald Ring Combo


The most fashionable of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh Spice, knows what she wants -- and her collection of engagement rings consists of 13 jewel pieces, including some spectacular emerald cut diamonds. As a more unique variation to the round diamond counterpart, the cutting technique used to produce these types of diamonds, achieves extra shimmer and interplay of light, creating a ring that is extremely elegant, flattering and iconic -- as seen with models like this.


This emerald diamond ring, with its halo intermixed with bead set diamonds, can be easily worn in everyday life -- either to add some personality to some office business attire, or worn with a lovely bracelet and ball gown for a charity event. It's no wonder divas like Mariah Carey gravitate towards this type of engagement ring (as seen by her 35-carat ring given to her by James Parker).


To add a down-to-earth element along with effortlessness, you can wear the this radiant cut (square shaped to compliment the emerald) eternity ring, which encompasses minimalist luxury which is truly timeless.



Elaborate Ring Combo


Fergie, the popular singer (who also hosted hit television series X Factor), enchanted us with her beautiful engagement ring from Josh Duhamel, when she wore a 4-carat diamond framed by a starburst pattern. And although, wide-rimmed engagement rings are far from traditional, they embody both femininity and strength -- capturing the millennial feminist spirit of our age in a beautiful way.

Contrasting the typical dainty band, this type of model is more solid, and takes up more space -- proving that a female doesn't always have to be a blushing bride, and can instead  be both opinionated and charming.


This ring is a perfect take on the wide-rimmed ring. For with its touch of modernity, and five rows of diamond bridges around the central diamond -- it can be worn with a cuff bracelet.


Use these ring duos as inspiration for your own combination. Make sure the design, color and shape is complementary to your engagement ring, letting the whole arrangement work together beautifully. Happy pairing, ladies!

Coolest Engagement Ring Instagram Shots

Instagram is famous for capturing the highlights of our daily lives, so surely a snapshot of your new engagement ring will be your biggest online statement! Since your loyal followers are counting on you to truly shine, we’re going to give you some inspiration to make your ring debut a memorable one. Here’s the top engagement ring shots from Instagram, along with the look-alike version from Gottlieb & Sons.


Ring with a View

This shot is one of our favorites and it's easy to see why. Firstly, who doesn't love a view of the turquoise ocean, paired with the perfect nude mani? This post screams, “I just got engaged on a yacht in the Caribbean islands”...what more could a girl want? Oh right, the same ring! Get this gorgeous solitaire stone engagement ring complete with the diamond band from Gottlieb & Sons. 



The Coolest Coffee Snap

Nothing says “engaged” like a Starbucks cup with your wedding date on it! Hilary Bontempo is the queen of stunning Instagram shots, and her engagement ring photo is no exception. She knows how to stage everything from her hands to the ring itself, so take a page out of Hilary’s play book with your favorite chic beverage. Get the look with this precious vintage prong diamond engagement ring.

2 29666


Channel Your Inner Trendsetter

Everything about this shot is trendy, from the swirled latte art to the perfectly placed Gucci purse.  Emily Jenny is a well-known instagram blogger and for good reason: she knows how to set up her photos. Want to be a trendsetter like Emily? Be unique with a pear-shaped engagement ring like this one from Gottlieb & Sons.

3 28851


Floral and Fabulous

If your instagram is a little more girlie and a lot more earthy, a shot like this is going to make your page go from a few hundred to a few thousand followers very quickly. Pretty in the Pines Instagrammer, Shelby mixes her jewel tones with fresh flowers and draws attention to her beautiful rounded square diamond engagement ring. This ring from Gottlieb & Sons is a close match for those of you that fell in love with hers!



Hand-Held Perfection

There is no better prop for the most epic engagement ring photo than your fiancé’s own hand. Clearly, famous Instagrammer, Nat Vanessen is no stranger to this trick It's one of our favorite engagement announcements because there's so much love being celebrated in this photo. The combination of the romantic island waves and her carefree baseball cap says it all. It’s romantic isolation at its finest, with the two of them on the water. For a gorgeous intertwined band and vintage ring like Nat’s, refer to this iconic piece by Gottlieb & Sons.



So whether you have a gorgeous ocean nearby to use as your backdrop, or you simply use some colorful flowers, remember that the best engagement ring shots bring focus to the jewelry itself. Of course, it always helps to add some extra flare with picturesque backgrounds. Happy snapping!

Nick Viall's Engagement Ring Look-alikes

It’s no secret that we all adore The Bachelor, but, in truth, we’re bigger fans of the engagement rings that highlight the show. This season, it’s no surprise that everyone’s making a huge fuss about the latest engagement ring--Vanessa Grimaldi’s! First of all, we have to applaud Nick Viall for choosing one of the most gorgeous engagement rings from all the seasons of the show. Yet, even though the ring is rumored to be quite pricey, you can get a look-alike version with the same prestige and beauty.



Reality Show Replica


Some say Nick went a little overboard with this ring, weighing in at over four carat, but when you’re a celebrity couple that found love on a reality TV show, can you expect anything less? Our first lookalike is just as breathtaking as Nick’s pick, with its diamond platinum band and three centre stones. Each stone is set within diamond filigree, just like the famous Bachelor ring. Moreover, the stones are designed with the same shape and craftsmanship; you can’t get much closer than that, ladies!


Timeless Twin


Much like Vanessa’s ring, this next Bachelor twin is classy with a vintage touch. With its circular diamonds, encased by haloes of smaller sparklers, this piece is fit for the celebrity lifestyle. This ring by Gottlieb & Sons is also available  in platinum, allowing you to draw even more similarity to the reality TV ring. The only difference? The bottom of the band doesn’t have in-set diamonds, but since this design remains more classic, you’ll love it eternally.


Ideally Identical


Another traditional looking twin to Nick’s selection is this elegant piece by Gottlieb & Sons , featuring a large centre stone, two accent stones and an eternity band. The square-shaped outline of the circular centre stone creates a nice contrast that makes it pop, a lofty touch which lends this ring a celebrity aura.

The baguette-cut side stones also draw a striking resemblance to Vanessa’s ring. Plus, the intricate filigree gives this ring a palpably romantic feel. Neil Lane would be proud.


Simply Sisters


The last look-alike on our list could definitely be mistaken for Nick’s chosen engagement ring. It’s vintage with a modern touch because of its stone-encrusted band, helping it reflect light in the same manner. Also, the diamonds feature a similar round cut, and the diamond filigree is almost identical. Finally, it’s made of platinum much like the Bachelor ring! We may not know Vanessa personally, but we’re pretty sure she would’ve said yes to this old soul too!


Each of these rings, though all quite similar, have their own unique flare that will allow you to carry a hint of your personality while still staying true to the Bachelor style. So,now that we’ve reviewed the top picks, you can affordably copy Vanessa’s ring and feel like you’re the star of your very own reality show. Except unlike The Bachelor, your hubby-to-be didn’t have to date 20 women at the same time before proposing-- thank goodness!

Top Jewelry Trends from Summer Runways 2017

Not only do April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring stunning summer jewelry. That’s right-- it’s time to shine, ladies! This season, when it comes to jewelry, “bold” and “chunky” seem to be the magic words; it’s all about creating a memorable statement. Perfect for fashion connoisseurs who love indulging in the glossiest trends, these top picks are quickly climbing the style charts. You can easily recreate these runway looks, from Paris to Milan, with these precious look-alike pieces.


Statement Earrings

Designers are showing heavier abstract pieces for earrings this summer.  With long, dangling shapes and intricate textures, ladies are invited to take more risk with their style. As a fearless statement, these earrings will stand elegantly as the centerpiece of your outfit. So, to keep the focus on these royal ear-danglers, make sure to keep your makeup fresh and neutral.

To get the look, check out these prong and pave earrings by Gottlieb & Sons. Even though your earlobes will be carrying some extra weight, you’ll be glad you made your fashion mark with this chunky earring trend.




Precious Stones

Earth tones have made a huge comeback this season. Perhaps the fashion world is becoming  more “environmentally sensitive”, but no matter the reason, we’re thrilled about it! As seen on the runways, earth-tone jewelry was a major theme. Letting us channel our inner hippie ( like a queen), we’re embracing gemstones with hues of green, amber and maroon. Also, ocean blue and topaz are being used constantly, which is especially good news if you were born in May.





We know cuffs were big during the winter season, but this trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Whether it’s brass bangles inspired by the Aztecs, or the bedazzled bracelets of our favorite celebs, cuffs are one of the hottest jewelry trends to grace us with its beauty (besides the summer sun). Don’t miss out on one of the most chic accessories of the season. This gorgeous vintage cuff by Gottlieb & Sons offers  a uniquely formal take on this trend.





Chokers made their return from the 90’s and are back with a proud elegance. Not only do they flatter almost every type of neckline, but they create a more elongated look, making you appear more poised and feminine. You can take this trend to the highest levels of glamor with this exquisite diamond necklace choker by Gottlieb & Sons.


(Source: Vogue)


As we eagerly await the onset of summer, the only treat left to savor are all these radiant jewelry trends. The bigger the better, as brilliantly stated on the runways, letting you make an incredibly confident statement with jewelry that feels straight out of Vogue. So, unleash your styling sensibilities and prepare to plan some seriously special outfits this season.

Decorative Engagement Rings for the Diva Bride

Now every true diva knows that her engagement is one of THE most important days of her entire life - and not just because she’s finally getting married. Because it’s that one excuse to act like an unapologetic princess in the glam department-- and best of all, nobody can say a word.  So, get ready to leave the simple and boring trinkets behind and make room for all that glitters. Gottlieb & Sons is proud to present an exquisite collection of stunning ring styles that are worthy of your inner diva.


The Bigger the Better


Diva rule number one - there’s no such thing as too big. Unless you can’t fit through the chapel doors because your wedding dress is gigantic, but ringwise, you’re pretty safe to go as large as your heart desires. A spectacular ring like this one from Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for the divalicious lady, with infinite diamonds spread throughout the mixed-metal band. Go big or go home, right?


Bold is Best


As a true diva you aren’t be afraid to be different -- which is exactly why a ring like this is perfect for you. An intricate, wavy design makes this band unique yet classy, and the huge center diamond says, “I’m not afraid to be the center of attention”. Well, neither is this ring, so it’s a match made in heaven. May you both be happy together!


Boastfully Beautiful


Get the idea of “quaint” and “understated” out of your head, it’s time to think Oscar’s red carpet type of glamor, with a little less wardrobe malfunction and a whole lot more class. This stunning ring has not one, not two, but THREE bands of gorgeous rose gold wrapped around your little diva finger. Now THIS is what we call star power!


Best in Show


Give that tiny little solitaire diamond back to the nice salesperson darling, it’s just not for you. You’re a bold and brilliant woman who needs a ring to match that firecracker personality. Explosions of diamonds on this ring make it a definite WOW on our list of engagement rings for the diva bride. There’s nothing quiet about this piece; it will almost seem to jump off your finger!


Add Bling to the Ring


Are you the bride who believes there’s no such thing as too many diamonds? We don’t blame you!  This Vintage filigree has got our eyes and jaws dropping with this gorgeous ring by Gottlieb & Sons. It’s hard to stare at this piece for too long as you may become hypnotized by its sparkling powers of beauty. Watch out!


After finding a groom who compliments your, it’s time to find a ring to do the same. Whether you opt for a diamond studded, thick or intricate band, you’ve got to think big or your engagement ring will not be snazzy enough for your huge personality. No pressure, ladies! Think of you ring search as just another shopping trip that’s going to reflect your bold and unique style. Don’t worry, we’ve got faith in you, little diva!

Engagement Ring Care Tips

It’s the jewelry you’re stuck with for eternity, so you’ll want to make sure it’s always a knockout. There’s nothing impressive about a semi-shiny rock, glazed in makeup, chipotle and whatever other messy obsessions you’ve got. Not cute!  To always keep your sparkler looking its best, you’ll want to take these careful steps to protect your diamond in the rough.

  1. Take It Off!

We cannot stress this one enough, and that’s why it’s made number 1 on this list.  If you’re getting your hands dirty (literally), do your ring a favor and set it aside. When you’re lifting at the gym, playing sports or getting cozy with massage oils, it’s a good idea to let your ring sit on the sidelines—hidden away that is. You don’t want your ring becoming a disgusting roadmap of all your daily activities!

Some women even choose to wear a faux diamond replacement ring, so they’ve still got something marking their non-single status. It shows respect to your fiancé, while also protecting your ring. For most ladies, it’s a brilliant option.

  1. Leave it to the Professionals

Just like spring cleaning, there’s going to come a time in the year where you need to do a full out clean of your ring. But unlike spring cleaning where you must slave away doing it yourself, this is a task better left to the jeweler. They’ll know exactly what to use on your type of stone and metal, and they’ll leave it looking better than when you dropped it off… “I’m here to pick up my glistening diamond, please.” Now, who needs a cocktail when you’ve got this pick-me-up waiting for you?

  1. At-Home Cleaning

In addition to the annual professional cleaning, you’re going to want to take matters into your own hands. Occasionally, you’ll have to get off your cute butt and scrub that ring yourself. Now we don’t mean an aggressive “scrub your bathroom tile” type of cleaning, but a gentle cleanse that will keep your ring looking fresh on the daily. Insider tip: use a makeup brush with dish detergent to clean in between all the little grooves.

  1. Ensure You Insure It

Just like you insure your car or your house, you should insure your engagement ring. There’s nothing worse than losing your gorgeous new ring, oh wait…except losing it and having no money to replace it! You can’t put a price on peace of mind, and insurance is going to make sure you and your ring spend your lives together in holy matrimony.


Remember, he put a ring on it, so the least you can do is keep that ring looking shiny and spotless. You wouldn’t wear a dress with a stain on it (we hope), so you shouldn’t be wearing a ring full of gunk and who knows what. Plus, since you’re newly engaged, you never know when someone’s going to ask to see your ring. Be prepared, ladies!