The Jewelry Box | August 2011
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Hurricane Irene could taint Wedding Plans

With all of the wild occurrences the east coast is experiencing, Irene Rios and David Knauf are still hopeful about their wedding plans as Hurricane Irene sets in – uninvited! Today.msnbc.msn via features the soon-to-be-married couple scrambling to decide on what to do about their wedding and 120 guests for Sunday, August 28th. Via By Jeff Saperstone They have the same name and apparently they have the same plans to head to the shoreline on Sunday. Irene Rios, a West Haven, Conn. woman who shares the same name as the hurricane barreling up the eastern seaboard, is supposed to get married to her fiancé on Sunday afternoon at Savin Rock, overlooking picturesque Long Island Sound. Hurricane Irene will alter their plans. “It looked like Hurricane Irene wanted to come to Irene’s wedding,” Irene's fiancé, David Knauf, said. The couple has been planning the outdoor shoreline wedding for more than a year now. “I’m very disappointed and it was really bothering me the past few days,” Rios said. “I’ve been watching the weather like crazy.” She even wrote an e-mail to NBC Connecticut Chief Meteorologist Brad Field, asking what they should do. “Brad was very kind, I so appreciate him reaching out to us,” Rios said. “He said that we would all be affected, but the severity is not known at this time.” The backup plan is to move the ceremony and all 120 guests indoors to the conference center. The couple is hopeful the storm doesn’t force evacuations, which could force them to further change their plans. “It’s sort of got us on the edge of our seats,” Knauf said. Guests are coming in from all over the country. They’re just crossing their fingers that one of them doesn’t show up. “An uninvited guest,” Rios said while smiling. “Irene is uninvited to Irene’s wedding.” What would you do if your wedding and a hurricane took place on the same day?