The Jewelry Box | September 2011
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Simple Dress with Designer Accents

The New York Times is finding that some women are purchasing less expensive wedding gowns but upgrading their accessories, allowing the bride to get the ‘designer look’ in their own unique way. For these brides, being able to invest in accessories that can be worn more than once is a high priority. A simple white dress can become personally customized with accessories like shoes, a brooch, or high-end jewelry. Read more here and tell us what you think.

Desires of Engagement & Wedding Jewelry

When it comes to Wedding and Engagement jewelry, every couple has their own opinion. A recent news article from suggests many women desire to have platinum jewelry over any other kind of metal, including gold and white gold. Platinum jewelry is a favorite due to it being positioned as a premiere metal. See more of this article at the link below.$800736460.html What kind of metal do you prefer?

Engagement Ring Trend Series: Colored Gemstones

Taking a cue from the colorful fabrics and detailing seen recently on fashion runways, brides are getting more adventurous and are incorporating colored gemstones such as emerald, ruby and citrine to maximize their ring’s radiance. The brilliant hues from colored stones can speak volumes about a couple’s unique vibe. Possibly one of the most watched rings this past summer was the sapphire and diamond engagement ring Kate Middleton wore when walking down the aisle to with Prince William. Inspired by the new Duchess of Cambridge, Gottlieb & Sons has created an engagement ring - perfect for those lusting for their own royal wedding. See more here and tell us what you think.

Asking For Her Hand

Commonly, we hear the exciting details of how marriage proposals unfold. However, we rarely hear the man’s perspective and how he got permission to "ask for your hand". InsideWeddings spotlights how Patrick Deyhle got permission to marry Vanessa Abreu, who is now his wife. via Inside Weddings "Patrick Deyhle confesses that the first time he laid eyes on Vanessa Abreu, he knew he would one day ask her to be his wife. Before he could do so, however, he would have to have a very important and intimidating conversation with the other man in her life: her father. Here's how Patrick tells it: 'Vanessa's family is very traditional Portuguese, and I was also raised to believe that you don't propose without getting the father’s permission first. This combination of factors necessitated my decision to ask permission. Vanessa's father is somewhat of a power player in the community, and although we have a fantastic relationship, I was extremely nervous about asking his permission. Also, I had a sense that everyone in the family was starting to wonder when I would propose, so I had to be extra secretive. I called her father and told him to meet me at his favorite restaurant so we could have a chat. He probably knew what I was going to ask, because at the time it was not common for us to meet for drinks. When I arrived, he had a table all set up for us, with appetizers, wine, and everything. I had driven myself into a nervous frenzy by then. We had barely sat down before I told him that I loved his daughter and wanted to ask his permission to marry her. Before I finished speaking, he started nodding and said that he would love having me as an addition to the family. It was fairly emotional, and without a doubt I was more nervous for that event than I was for the actual proposal!'"

Nontraditional Wedding Parties

Traditionally, many couples like to incorporate several people in their wedding parties. These individuals carry the titles, groomsmen, bridesmaids, best man and maid of honor, and are commonly the closest to the married couple-to-be. Untraditionally, the Kettle’s appointed thirty-six of their closest friends and family to complete their wedding party. The unique wedding is a way to represent all the important people in their lives and the core support to their love story. Via WeddingBee ( “That wedding had 34 people. Ours is just shy of that. We are including everyone in our count because they’re all important. Mr. Kettle and I both have a best man and maid of honor. So that’s four. He has eight more groomsmen, bringing our total to 12. I have two more men standing up with me, which brings our total to 14. I also have six more bridesmaids, bringing our total to 20. Add in two junior bridesmaids, and we’re at 22. Then two ring bearers and two flower girls, and we’re at 26. Tack on three hostesses and two ushers, and the number is now 31. Don’t forget our two, yes two, officiants, and we’re at 33. Don’t forget Daddy Kettle, Mr. Kettle, and me. That makes 36! Yup. Thirty-six people. I want to take this time to answer comments I’ve gotten on previous posts. The question was about our hostesses and ushers and what exactly they are. Some people double groomsmen as ushers, helping to seat people as they arrive to the ceremony. That’s not the case with us. Momma Kettle, ever the etiquette stickler (I get it honest, you know, so I know exactly what to rebel against), tells us we should have one usher/hostess for every 50 guests. This is particularly important when our venue is at a house that has thousands of square feet spread over three stories. We’ll need people to help get all those people into the ballroom conservatory for the ceremony, out to the rest of the house for cocktail hour, then back into the ballroom for the reception. They’ll need to know where to sit and when. The mansion provides staff to do this, but having extra people on hand could only help out. Think of a combination between a hostess at a restaurant and a regular usher at a wedding, and that’s what our hostesses and ushers will be. Why not make them honorary bridesmaids and groomsmen? Well, because then they’d get their names on the programs and we’d get no work out of them! Just kidding, but I know they’d want to be involved more than just in name. One of our hostesses is my niece, Hostess Cheery, who’s 19 and too old to be a junior bridesmaid. The other is a high school girl I mentor, Hostess High, who’s friendly with Mr. Kettle ever since they were both in the wedding I met Mr. Kettle at last summer. The third is one of his nieces, FNIL Sniffles, who’s in college and is also too old to be a junior bridesmaid. One of our ushers is my god-brother and the other is Mr. Kettle’s cousin. They’re both in high school. Our wedding has been used as a tool to accommodate all our close family and friends that have been in our lives for a long time. Besides the flowers girls and ring bearers who are both six years old, we’ve known everybody in our wedding party at least 10 years (including the officiants). So, yeah, there are a lot of folks, but they’re our close friends. We’re both just super friendly people who are close to our families. It happens. Soooo many people. Judging by the engagement party, I know our wedding will be exactly what we want: a big party that includes all the people we love and cherish. I will now stop alluding to our engagement party and actually give recaps in my next posts.”