The Jewelry Box | January 2012
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A 10 Second Trick to Make Your Jewelry Sparkle

Many questions come up about how to safely clean jewelry, especially fine and bridal jewelry. Glamour Weddings shares a quick 10 second trick that is safe on traditional diamonds and all metals. So what’s the secret?

Photo: Flickr/Tela Chhe

Rubbing alcohol! A simple rubbing alcohol wipe can put the sparkle back in the jewelry most precious to you. The next time you notice your jewelry lost its “bling” factor, try the rubbing alcohol wipe. For other gentle and effective ways to clean your jewelry, click here.

Engagement Ring Trend Series: Vintage/Heirloom

Inspired by the timelessness of Audrey Hepburn, tailored dress and Mad Men – vintage engagement ring styles are back. From the beautiful and elegant hand engravings on the side to the diamonds around the crown, Gottlieb & Sons put a unique twist on these traditional engagement rings.

A Legoland Proposal

Glamour Magazine featured a one-of-a-kind proposal in stop-motion! Walt Thompson spent 22 hours taking pictures of his Legos – 2,600 to be exact – and edited them to create an incredible stop-motion proposal video. This thoughtful video includes special elements of their relationship, such as how the couple met and activities they do together. See the video here Would you say YES?

DIY Wedding Ideas Made Simple

Want some great DIY wedding ideas to give your wedding a personal touch? Martha Stewart Weddings has some great ideas to get you started, including custom banners, ribbon reminders for your wedding date, hand-made hanging lanterns, and much more. Get more ideas here and add a little creativity to your big day!