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6 Bridal Jewelry Styles Fit for a Princess

We all grew up dreaming of a wedding day like the ones in the movies. We all fought with our friends or sisters over who was going to be Cinderella, Belle or Jasmine. Now you’ve finally found your Prince Charming, so it’s only natural to crave jewelry that screams “princess” to truly complete your happily ever after. With the help of Gottlieb & Sons, you’ll teach Disney a few tricks on what it means to be a princess with these extravagant bridal jewelry pieces.


Reserved for Royalty


Of course, we had to start with a ring on our list of our top six perfectly princess bridal jewelry styles. Get a load of the filigree on this gorgeous diamond ring-- not to mention the gold intertwined to create this glamorous look. You’ll feel more glorious than Ariel did when she earned those long legs!


Princess Perfect


Every princess deserves a dazzling pendant to catch the eye of all her guests, and this one is sure to do the trick. Yellow diamonds surrounding an enormous center diamond make a WOW statement.

The hint of yellow color offers an unexpected twist on the typical white diamond, letting you look both unique and gorgeous. You’ll have your unforgettable princess moment, one that couldn’t have been better, even if you had a fairy godmother-- she tried.


Bippity-Boppity Beautiful!


Nothing is more princessy than a pair of dangling earrings worn on a beautiful bride. With their vine-like twists and leaf shape diamond clusters, they gracefully capture romance and fantasy. They look absolutely stunning with a strapless sweetheart neckline, and would definitely be the talk of the wedding (besides the lovely couple of course!).


Belle of the Ball


For the bride who loves extravagance and truckloads of attention on her special day (who wouldn’t), this gorgeous two-toned bracelet is the one. With ladders of gold capped by diamonds, you’re going to live out your fairy tale ending with a bang. It also gives you one more reason to dance with your hands up as much as possible, leaving a trail of sparkling energy wherever you roam-- like a real princess.


Her Majesty’s Muse


If you still don’t have enough bling, why not opt for this unique diamond-encrusted ring. With swirls of glittering gold, this piece looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. Seriously, if Princess Ariel found this on the ocean floor she would’ve swiped it and added it to her collection STAT. “Look at this one, isn’t it neat?” Now you can really be the girl who has everything!


Make Like a Monarchy


Last but certainly not least, this heart pendant piece channels everything princess. It’s dainty and conservative, but intricate in its gorgeous design. Forget the glass slippers, if Cinderella dropped this necklace she would’ve gone back for it…midnight or not! It even kinda reminds us of the “Heart of the Ocean” pendant from Titanic…not that Rose was a princess but she kisses Leo DiCaprio so that’s close enough!



If you want to look like royalty on your big day, you’re going to need to ramp up the sparkle with these diamond pieces. Think Cinderella meets Kesha- have yourself dripping in glitter and gold. It’s the one day in your life you can’t be too overdressed, so make like a princess and don’t be afraid to shine!

Engagement Ring Styles for your Nail Tips

Nail Tips

Just how every woman has that one favorite lipstick shade, the same loyalty should apply to engagement rings and nail tips. For every diamond shape, there’s a nail tip that will compliment it best. And you can’t get around this rule, as firm and true as the laws of gravity. Seriously, when you’re shopping for that eternal sparkler, there’s no amount of wishing that will make it work—there’s just certain styles you can’t rock, sorry! If you’re not sure about which diamond cuts can work with your nail tips, use this foolproof guide to make sure you never commit this engagement crime.


Look Well-Round


Round nails are making a comeback in the manicure world, especially with classic polishes like pale pinks and French manicures. The more traditional look calls for a traditional ring, so opt for a solitaire cut diamond and a simple band like this one from Gottlieb & Sons. It’s both classic and dainty looking, which will bode well with your Instagram followers!


Square but Sharp


Just because your nails are square doesn’t mean you have to be! When it comes to your engagement ring with nails like this, think “opposites attract”. Cushion cut and round rings look best with square nails to balance out the square shape, and you can play around with diamond bands too. This ring by Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for a square mani, because of its gorgeous rounded center diamond bordered with smaller diamonds.


Simply Short


If your nails are basic, you can go nuts on the bling when it comes to the engagement ring. Short nails tend to give the illusion that your fingers are shorter, so rectangular stones can make your hands look longer. With that, stay away from chunky bands that will appear to shorten your fingers. A slender band like this one from Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for shorter nails, without being too plain Jane!


Sexy and Stiletto


One of the most extreme nail shapes taking over the Pinterest world right now are the pointy, stiletto nails, or should we say claws. They’re savagery in the form of a manicure, and because of their rebellious look, you can’t be wearing some average ring with them. It’s like drinking Dom Pérignon in sweat pants-- it doesn’t work!

An edgy ring like this will pair perfectly with your over-the-top mani, letting you celebrate your feline nails proudly! Meow!


Amazingly Almond


A personal favorite of ours, the almond nail shape is a perfect cross between the traditional round and the sharply square mani. They’re like high-heels for your hands without being too tall and uncomfortable. Since they make your hands look slender, you can select an engagement ring with double banding. Basically, it’s better to go with a chunkier piece that won’t make your hands look too short.



Basically, the lesson here is just because you dig a ring, doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Live by this mantra and never risk clashing your ring with your nail tips. Remember, your nail tips are your womanly power; they’re meant to decorate and beautify you, so choose a ring that celebrates your mani style.

Formal Jewelry Styles for Bridesmaids

In short, your wedding day is mostly about making you look good. Let’s be honest. And a big part of this mission involves making your crew look good too. Whether it’s your sister or your besties up there with you, your bridesmaids are a reflection of you, meaning they must dazzle (with you still looking like the star player!). Need some assistance figuring out how best to accessorize your bridesmaid dress? Look no further than Gottlieb & Sons for the most stunning jewelry styles for this stunning occasion.


Perfect Pendants


Number 1 rule – don’t outshine the bride, but with a pendant like this one, a bridesmaid’s going to be pretty close. Pendants look super gorgeous when they’re daintily perched on a gorgeous sweetheart or strapless neckline. There’s something so classic about this baguette necklace, not to mention its clusters will catch perfectly in the light and bring more attention to the beautiful bridal party.


There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Diamonds


Ding! Ding! Ding! What’s that? Oh, it’s the sound of your gals winning most beautiful bridal party of the year with this luxurious diamond necklace from Gottlieb & Sons. Rows and rows of diamonds make up this beautiful piece that’s going to be the cherry on top of the gorgeous bridesmaids’ dresses. Plus, it’s one of those versatile necklaces that the ladies can wear again to any formal event!


Drops of Jupiter…er…Diamonds


Nothing goes better with a beautiful bridesmaid dress than a pair of these babies by Gottlieb & Sons. Seriously, diamonds won’t be the only thing dropping when you wear them…because you’ll also be sweeping jaws off the floor.

TIP: long earrings like this go best with up-dos like low chignon buns or ponies, and a simpler neckline.


Wrist Candy for the Girls


Not only are cuffs this season’s hottest trend, but they’re a perfect accessory to spice up even the plainest of outfits and they’re making a comeback in bridal parties everywhere. This cuff by Gottlieb & Sons has 9 rows of round diamonds-- that’s right, NINE. Your bridesmaids will be cuffed in a heartbeat to your every whim and desire.


Wear ‘Em How you Want ‘Em


Earrings are one of the most understated pieces that can actually make or break a bridesmaid’s look. They can easily be overbearing, yet also too simple-- a fine balance that should be treated with care. Usually earrings should be kept subtle, while providing a little extra sparkle (i.e. save the full-fledged glam for the bride). This pair by Gottlieb & Sons is a wonderful blend of subtle and sparkly and the best part about them—they’re convertible so you can switch between styles!



You seriously can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous jewelry pieces for your bridal party. And if you can’t decide on one piece for all of the girls, you can mix it up and have each bridesmaid wear something different that speaks to her personality. Just make sure they all appear lovely-- after all, you are who you flock with

5 Pinterest-worthy Engagement Rings You'll Die For

When we think Pinterest, we think top-of-the-line, wish-it-was-mine, got-to-have-it-now, types of pins. So, no surprise, it’s also our one-stop shop for all things wedding-related. If you’re a bride, chances are you’ve got a wedding board with about 5,000 pins right down to the napkin designs for the big day. But that wedding board starts with an engagement, and every engagement needs a ring. So we’re here to help you on your Pinterest search for the ideal one, that life-changing sparkler that’s more exciting than saying “I do”.


Belongs on your Board


Sorry, I can’t seem to see your finger behind that ROCK of an engagement ring! What is it they always say? The more the merrier? Well they’re definitely right- especially in the case of diamonds. This three stone ring by Gottlieb & Sons belongs on the cover of your Pinterest board with its unique trapezoid shape and diamond-covered band. It stands as the crème-de-la-crème of rings, making all your engaged girlfriends question their own designs—sorry ladies…




For the attention-loving jewelry addict, there’s nothing quite like this showstopper. It looks like it’s straight out of a magazine ad with its intricate design and perfectly placed diamonds haloed by rose gold accents. Points for your guy if he picks out something like this for you and major points if he does it without looking at your Pinterest board!


Perfectly Pinterest


When it comes to classic Pinterest rings, the word vintage always comes to mind. This floral halo engagement ring by Gottlieb & Sons is everything classic, with its split shank bead and milgrain edges complete with filigree. It kind of reminds us of Emma Bunton’s (aka Baby Spice) engagement ring circa 2011, and you can’t go wrong with a little inspo from a Spice Girl. Basically, tell him what you want, what you really really want by showing him this ring!


Mix Metals not Feelings


Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been on Pinterest in the last year, then you know two-toned metal engagement rings are IT. It’s okay to want it all when it comes to the ring you’re going to be wearing for the rest of your life, and mixed metals like this rose and white gold engagement ring from Gottlieb & Sons definitely delivers.

Mixed metals are versatile as they can be worn with just about any jewelry already in your collection without looking mismatched. Say hello to easy outfits in a flash!


A Little More Pin-spiration


Still haven’t found the ring that speaks to you? If you’re more of the intricate and articulate type of gal, try opting for something a little more expressive, like this breathtaking hexagonal design by Gottlieb & Sons. Artistic in its nature, it features two side set diamonds to balance out the enormous rock in the middle. Believe us; you’ll be seeing this style on Pinterest boards everywhere in 2017.



Each of these Pinterest-worthy rings make a statement of luxury and glamour, which is exactly what you want for a ring you’ll be wearing for eternity. Like your hubby, you’ll be waking up to this ring every day, so make sure it’s something worth admiring.

Top Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2017

We turn to celebs for literally every fashion trend that ever was (yes, even the biggest fashion flaws), so there’s no surprise we look to them for some engagement ring inspo too. Even though it’s only January, we’ve got a list of engagement rocks that’ll knock your socks off for 2017 AND we’ll show you how to achieve a similar style to the stars with Gottlieb & Sons.


Serena Williams


Tennis isn’t the only thing our girl Serena is winning at. When it comes to engagement rings, she’s taking home the gold medal…or rather the diamond metal. She recently took to Reddit to show off her huge rock, and although we haven’t been able to catch it up close just yet we have to give her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, a round of applause. He definitely didn’t skimp out when it came to proposing to Serena…this ring’s got some serious bling. Want something similar? Get this rectangular cut diamond ring from Gottlieb & Sons.


Ashley Greene


Twilight star Ashley Greene was not just doing it for the gram when she posted on IG a few weeks ago announcing her engagement, stating “I'm SO lucky and SO excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend but the ring doesn't hurt either. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.” We agree Ashley, we think it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen too! The gorgeous oval diamond suits her slender fingers perfectly, with just the right amount of sparkle from on the band of diamonds. Feeling left out? Gottlieb & Sons has a close model to Ms. Greene’s ring shown above.


Kate Upton


Move aside Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton just about broke the internet with her new bling. Not only is the Sports Illustrated model getting married to famous baseball player Justin Verlander, but her ring is rumored to be worth $1.5 million. That’s a big lump of cash right there. Feeling a little envious of the supermodel? We may not be able to get you on the cover of a magazine, but we can guarantee you can get your very own lookalike bling at Gottlieb & Sons with their halo diamond ring.


Kirsten Dunst


Gold is the new black this year when it comes to engagement rings. Kirsten Dunst was recently seen at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week rocking a 3 carat yellow gold engagement ring thanks to her fiancé, Jesse Plemons. We’re seeing tons of oval diamonds wrapped around the fingers of celebrities this year, and Kirsten Dunst’s timeless ring is no exception. Gottlieb & Sons has created a modern twist on this celebrity’s style, with a ring of mixed metals featuring diamonds wrapped around the band. It’s classic with a touch of glamor and luxury, just like her!



Take a page out of these celeb’s books this year when selecting an engagement ring, and you definitely won’t be disappointed. You might not be marrying a star athlete or a sexy actor, but you’re marrying the love of your life and guaranteed with one of these rings by Gottlieb & Sons you’ll be doing it in style.

Gorgeous Bridal Dress Neckline & Necklace Combos

Some rules aren’t meant to be broken. And in the case of coordinating your bridal dress neckline and necklace, there’s a fine line to follow. A mismatched look will not only make you appear disproportional, but it can also distract from the shape and style of your dress. So be kind to your decollete by showing it off with the right type of sparkly frosting.


The Simple Sweetheart


If you’ve opted for a strapless gown with a neckline that is not quite as dramatic as a V neckline, it’s best to choose jewelry that is more on the subtle side, so that your chest and shoulders look dainty while highlighting your bare collarbone (believe me your hubby will notice). A teardrop pendant is a great option because it hangs perfectly around the neck, accentuating the neckline of the dress.


Delicate Haltered V’s


Brides who have decided on a sexy V neckline for their big day should ideally look for longer necklaces that match the symmetry of the dress’ neckline like the one pictured. If your dress is more on the plain side, you can get a little crazy with the bedazzling on the necklace. It’ll make you feel straight out of a Hollywood wedding, and you’ll be shining bright like a diamond.


Deep in Diamonds


If you’re a bride who loves the drama when it comes to getting glam for your wedding, you’ve probably selected more of an extreme neckline like the bride above. With this type of deep strapless neckline and gorgeous bodice, a more rounded jewelry piece is perfect. Clusters of diamonds bring attention to the face and neck, rather than having the focus all on the twins peeking through that deep V! Want to achieve this look? Embrace your inner diva with this breathless necklace by Gottlieb & Sons.


All Claps for Thin Straps


One of the most graceful and elegant looks for wedding dresses this season is the spaghetti strap neckline, which bodes well for brides who are not comfortable showing too much shoulder nudity! Because the straps themselves bring attention to the chest, it’s best to decide on a pendant silhouette for the necklace or it’ll look too busy. You also don’t want to take away from the focus on your gorgeous face…after all you did spend precious $$$ to get airbrushed like a flawless porcelain doll.


Pretty in Pink


When it comes to dresses with ivory tones or those with white lace, rose gold is the way to go. Adding warm metal tones to a cooler dress balances out your complexion so you don’t look like Elsa from Frozen walking down the aisle! A clustered diamond rose gold pendant like the one featured here from Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for a sequined sweetheart neckline gown like on this stunning bride. You’ll be blushing all day long, and not just because you’re getting married!



So whether you’re dripping in diamonds or keeping it classic with a simple pendant, it’s important to remember to choose something that makes you feel beautiful. Your big day is all about you (and your pics), so make sure your necklace and neckline are always in sync.

Valentine Jewelry Gifts She’ll Love

For some, Valentine's Day means spending a day being mushy and doe-eyed as a couple, while for others, it's a high-pressured time to find the right gift. And what better way to show her how much you care than by giving her the thing she values most--jewelry, of course! Don't worry, we're sure you rank as her second favorite! In any case, when you're ready to indulge her, we recommend you go for diamonds! Not only are they a girl’s best friend, but it's a sparkling clear testament to the greatness of your love. Let's see what types of amazing jewelry gifts are on offer this year!


Capture Her Heart


Ah, the classic heart necklace. You can never go wrong with a simplistic pendant on a silver chain, symbolizing love in a tasteful and romantic way.  This stunning pendant by Gottlieb & Sons with a clustered diamond heart is a show-stopper and will let her keep you close to HER heart. How cute is that? It almost makes us sick…in a good way. Before you know it, this necklace will be getting more attention on her Instagram feed than the photos of you two together -- how's the for stealing the spotlight?


Listen Closely


Still unsure of how to make your lucky lady satisfied on the most commercialized day of the year? Tip: a staple in any girl’s jewelry box is hoop earrings. You can honestly never go wrong with a pair of these babies, and you really can’t mess it up if you grab a pair of these rose gold hoops encrusted with more diamonds than we can count. These earrings will seriously get her feeling those warm fuzzies in no time. Time to lock it down!


Wrapped Around Her Finger


If you’re really going for a WOW factor this Valentine’s day, or if you’re trying to make up for spending too many weekends watching football with the boys, you’ve got to think big. Literally! This gorgeous rock of an amethyst held by heart-patterned filigree is THE way to get her to give you a little extra love on the 14th. She’ll also be reminded of how thoughtful you are every time she looks down at her hand, and who knows, maybe she’ll even let you have 100% uninterrupted time during the "Big Game" ;)


A Heart of Gold


So you want to get your girlfriend or wifey something special, something to thank her for putting up with you all year long? She’s the type of girl that’s got a heart of gold, so what better way to show her than with exactly that? Gottlieb & Sons has you covered; this gold chain necklace is absolutely brilliant with its diamonds forming a heart pendant that will hang perfectly around her neck. It doesn’t get much more sincere than this, fellas.


It’s Cuffing Season


They say love cannot be measured, but we definitely disagree with this statement when we look at the number of diamonds on her wrist. Plus, who are “they” anyway? Cuffs are extremely popular this winter season and this one by Gottlieb & Sons is absolutely jaw-dropping with its mesmerizing swirls of diamonds. Diamonds are forever and we’re telling you her love for you will be too if you pick this puppy up for V-Day (this, plus a real puppy and you've sweetened the deal).



Whatever you choose, don’t leave it to chance this Valentine’s Day or you might wind up in the doghouse…and no man likes that! Get your girl something just as special as her and she’ll be eternally grateful, at least until next Valentine’s Day that is when she turns back into her old pouting self.  Oh, and throw in a box of chocolates for good measure too!

Valentine Engagement Rings for Your Special Lady

You know she's dying to hear those four famous words and it seems like every Valentine’s Day, she's growing more antsy (and maybe a little meaner), hoping this time will be it. Well, however you plan on taking the plunge, you need to nail the icing on the cake, the most important part of your proposal– the ring. Don’t worry, Gottlieb & Sons has you covered this Valentine’s Day with its gorgeous selection of engagement rings.


Fit for a Princess


The classic cushion cut diamond has been one of the top styles of engagement rings for a couple years now. With its effortless elegance and its suitability for so many different finger shapes, it's among women's favorite designs.  The smaller diamonds on the band and halo give this ring a strong presence, so there’s no doubt your princess is going to want to make you her hubby in shining armor!


Make Her Blush


It’s only fitting for proposing on Valentine’s Day that you go with a rose gold engagement ring for your wifey-to-be. With a twist on the classic princess cut, this tri-band, diamond encrusted ring is going to have her smiling for every Valentine’s Day to come. More importantly, it’s going to have her screaming and crying, “Yes!” before you even get through your proposal speech. 


Centuries of Love


If your girl is the old-fashioned type, show her that chivalry is not dead by choosing a vintage-inspired engagement ring like this beauty. With a band inspired by lace and a sparkly center diamond, this ring looks like it could be straight out of The Notebook, and we all know how much ladies love that movie. So suck it up and play Noah for a day by proposing with this romantic 50’s inspired ring. The moment will be classic romance at its finest!


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


There are two things a girl can never get enough of: shoes and diamonds. But unfortunately you can’t propose with shoes (unless maybe they’re Louboutin’s), so a diamond ring it is. This gorgeous semi-mount ring is packed with oval diamonds that’ll glisten on her hand all day every day. Pull out all the stops with this ring and it’s going to make every other girl wish you were proposing to them. 


Subtle Sweetness


If your girl is the type that is always looking for pieces that are unique and simplistic, you’ll make her fall in love with you all over again with this gorgeous ring featuring framed oval diamonds. Just like her, it makes a statement and it’s beautiful in its own way. Show her that a Valentine’s Day proposal doesn’t have to be cliché when you propose with a piece as different as this one.



Selecting a perfect ring for your perfect lady can be a bit scary, but just remember that she probably cares more about what you’re going to say than what’s going on her finger (we hope…). But either way, when it comes to proposing on Valentine's Day, you can give her the knee-bending fantasy she's always hoped for, only better because it's from you! So get out there be brave and good luck, soldier!