The Jewelry Box | June 2017
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Pippa Middleton Inspired Bridal Styling Tips!

The entire event was planned with expert precision, with the creme-de-la creme of British society present for the big shabang. Taking place within a picturesque country setting, the wedding was a dreamboat of a spectacle. And as if the day couldn’t be any more wonderful, it was also blessed with sunny weather, shining brilliantly over the lady of the hour, Pippa Middleton-- c'est magnifique! With effortlessly beauty, and the collaboration of her pro stylists, Pippa dazzled for the cameras, setting a new standard for brides-to-be.


A Glance at Pippa’s Overall Bridal Look


Pippa’s approach to her bridal look can be best described as simplistic romance. Her dress was textured entirely in lace with an unconventionally high neckline and short sleeves, offering a modest yet feminine allure. Her hair was sweetly swept back into a sensual updo, neat and precise, without a single hair out of place. She wore a floral white headband to accent an otherwise plain hairstyle, giving her a subtle regal vibe. Finally, her jewelry was left surprisingly plain, letting her inner royalty shine through!


The Earrings


Classic and timeless, Pippa chose a drop-down pearl earring style. They offer a splash of elegance, while also giving her more glamor, particularly to balance out a plainer hairdo. Pearls offer a mature and sophisticated touch, but if you’re more of a trendy bride, you can opt for diamond versions instead.


These convertible earring jackets by Gottlieb & Sons give you that expressive drop-down effect, but are much ritzier than Pippa’s pearl ones. You can also order these earrings in a variety of precious metals, including rose gold, the most fashionable choice of the season!


The Ring


Pippa’s ring is unlike anything we’ve seen among most celebrities and socialites. It features a radiant cut, surrounded by an octagon halo shape filled with clear diamonds. The band, by comparison, is thin, accentuating the weight and prestige of the setting. This style is a tastefully reminder that brides don't need to necessarily go for the typical halo designs, but should explore different variations of this style.


Like Pippa, you can embrace a more geometric style halo such as this vintage inspired  engagement ring by Gottlieb & Sons. With its emerald cut diamond center and diamond-encrusted band, it offers a little more razzle dazzle than Pippa’s rind, but is still refreshingly original.

You can also take inspiration from Pippa’s octagonal halo with this precious version by Gottlieb & Sons. Yet, this style takes the ambiance a step further with its artistic touches, making this piece timeless. The originality is centered in the band which is uniquely creative with its twisting decorative effect.


You can feel like royalty any day with these graceful jewelry pieces. Perhaps your wedding won’t take place in the upper echelons of England, but your Pippa-inspired bridal look will surely bring you close to the dream-- minus the attendance of the paparazzi and media crew.

Petite Engagement Ring Styles That Dazzle

It's not the size of the ring, it's the length of your love. No matter what style diamond you choose - round, emerald, oval - or what setting she desires, you can find just what you're looking for and still have enough money to indulge in a luxurious honeymoon. Let's take a look at some dazzling designs for when you're Just Beginning.


Emerald and Scalloped


This beauty features a glowing emerald-cut diamond, propped up by scalloped-shared prong diamonds. The careful etching around this emerald-cut beauty truly does dazzle. In case you didn't think she shined brightly enough, the band features another touch of decadence that will dance halfway around her finger. Pair this stunning display of love with a matching wedding band, and she's set until death do you part. Even then, what a gorgeous heirloom this will make.


An Artsy Angel


Does your lady have an artsy flair to her personality? Is she likely to scoop up some household treasure that's just a little bit on the wild side? Then, this is your ring. With its twisted shoulders giving off a dynamic edge, this is sure to be a walking piece of art. Strutting a half band of diamonds and a shared prong halo around that centerpiece, everyone's bound to take a second glance at this show-stopper. On that special day, pair this glistening gem with a twisted band from Gottlieb & Sons, and it's happily ever after, right from the start.


Rose Gold Reminiscent


The soft light given off by this rose gold setting is sure to leave your lady reminiscing about your love, day after day. This timeless classic features a pink bezel and bead setting. Oftentimes the diamond does the talking. In this case, the elaborate setting around each side stone really makes a statement. Pair this with a plain rose gold band, or a matching bezel and bead, and you're off to a sweet, sweet start.


Contemporary Centerpiece


This nearly half-carat center stone is met with two rows of sparkling shared prong diamonds. The featured split shoulder enhancement is fabulously unique and intricate. Honestly, her wedding band won't have to do much. A half band of small dazzlers would be nice, but the artistry put into this setting is show-stopping all on its own.


Serenely Scalloped


Look at these prong set diamonds that are just happy to dance all the way up to their delightful centerpiece. As they meet their dazzling delight, it's embraced in a hand-beaded halo. What incredible artistry. That center stone couldn't be any more secure, just like your love for her. This ring somehow manages to embrace both vintage and modern elements. Just like a woman, its complexity is its greatest asset.


Milgrain Magic


Here, you're offering your love two rows of prong set diamonds detailed with a lovely milgrain border, meeting a .30 carat stunner. It doesn't end there. Delicate scrollwork in the gallery offers a treasured delight. Pair this dazzling show with a thin, plain white gold or platinum band and you're ready to enjoy the rest of your lives together with this symbol of love's magic.


Gottlieb & Sons makes it plain to see that it's not all about the size of the center stone. Rather, it's about hand-crafted artistry and an attention to detail. Each of these featured dazzlers will provide you and your loved one with that sparkling moment in time when you ask her to join her life to yours forever. Sealing it with a kiss and a symbol of your promise couldn't be any more magical. Cheers to your happily ever after!