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With This Song I Thee Wed

The Knot recently unveiled its top wedding songs for 2010. And with dancing up or down the aisle now in vogue thanks to viral You Tube videos, there's a heavy emphasis on the danceable over the sweetly romantic.

What are some of your votes for top bridal music must haves of the year?

The New York Times Calls Gottlieb & Sons an Industry Leader in Personalization

Gottlieb & Sons was featured in The New York Times as one of the bridal industry leaders focusing on personalization for millennials. Check out the article and let us know what you think.


One good thing about getting married early in each century it gives you a perfect opportunity to pick a date that's not easy to forget. The turn of the calendar page to October 10, 2010, saw a huge increase in weddings just to be able to have 10-10-10 as one's wedding anniversary. But if you missed out, no worries. 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 are still yet to come. Who is planning their wedding for one of those days and what's the reason for picking them?

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