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5 Deep Necklace Designs for Low-Cut Wedding Dresses

So you’ve finally decided to go a little risqué with a low-cut neckline on your wedding day. Fabulous! Now, you just need to find a necklace that matches your daring neckline-- not quite the easiest bridal mission! Yet not to worry. It’s all about mastering the careful balance between finding the right decoration for your neck, while preserving the sexiness of your neckline. You don’t want to cool down the sizzle, right?

Here’s our most popular necklace favorites chosen by fashion-forward brides.

Queen of Hearts


Keep the things you love closest to you -- and by “things” we mean this gorgeous heart-shaped necklace. It catches everyone’s attention immediately due to its uniquely hollow outline, even though you’ll already be turning heads with that gorgeous low-cut dress! It’s seriously love at first sight, and we’re not talking about the groom.


Blue is Best


For the girl who isn’t afraid to stand out, colored gems are your best friend. Sapphire, a stunning blue gem, and Kate Middleton’s favorite rock, will give you that wow-worthy factor and your big day.

This circular pendant is a unique piece, best suited for the vintage bride, but with that sexy plunging neckline, it works well for the millennial era - you get the best of both worlds!


Keeping it Simple


Whoever came up with the phrase, “less is more” was a genius-- letting your natural beauty shine is way more tasteful than hiding behind heavy mounds and heaps of glitz. Every bride should take note.

Dainty necklaces like this precious piece match beautifully with bare necklines. Featuring dazzling diamonds encased in a teardrop shaped silhouette, it truly defines comes to style and simplicity.


Back to Black


Seeing as you’re already a bit of a daredevil, since you chose a cleavage-baring dress (tastefully, of course), you’ll have no problem taking your edge to the next level. Perhaps sporting black jewelry on your wedding day will spice things up? This subtle hint of black in this pendant necklace will create a dramatic contrast to your white dress, rebelling against the cliché of the all-white blushing bride.


Blinded by the Light


Last on our list, but certainly not least, is this radiant pendant glistening with more diamonds than you can count. Blindly bright with its clear-cut stones, it draws attentions to your face and bare neck. So, if your face wasn’t already glowing with excitement, your jaw-dropping necklace will surely light you up-- and the entire room!


Ultimately, you should find a piece that decorates you, while still preserving your bare decollete-- after all, that’s why you chose a dress with a low neckline, right? So, it’s all about balance. Your necklace shouldn’t be too noticeable and cover up your bareness, but it also shouldn’t reveal too much bust-- unless that’s the look you’re going for and in that case, kudos!  Take these necklaces ideas as inspiration for finding that special jewelry piece that matches your dress. Hopefully, it will be another match made in heaven!