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5 Bridal Fashion Cues from Eva Longoria

Love and friendship was the theme of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria’s wedding to boyfriend Jose ‘Pepe’ Antonio Baston in Mexico last May.  Surrounded by a star-studded bevy of 200 of her closest friends and family, Eva basked in the glow of affection from every corner.  “The centerpiece of a wedding should be love,” she said in an interview.  And the reason she chose her BFF Victoria Beckham to design her wedding dress?  "I asked Victoria to do my dress because I wanted it to be special and made with love – and I knew Victoria would make it with love.”


And the former Spice Girl/Celebrity Designer definitely did pour all her love into making the dress, because Eva not only looked astonishing, but also so on point in every way.  And there are many fashion cues we can take away from studying this stunner.  


Petite brides, simpler frocks

Eva Langoria may be a big star, but her physical stature is just below the average for a woman – 5”2 inches.  The best looks for a petite woman are uncomplicated, clean-line cuts that help to create a body-lengthening illusion.  Puffy, fussy designs with much a-do about them tend to make smaller-stature women look rather boxy and stumpy.  A ball gown, for instance, would have swallowed up Eva!  And that’s why her simple, sheath-and-mermaid combo gown is a perfect choice.  After all, we want to see her, not just the dress!


If you got it, flaunt it

Eva Langoria is known for her incredible figure.  And although the gown was of simple design, it was figure-hugging with a glove-like fit!  Eva looked sexy in this fitted slim-line design with a sweetheart neckline and elegant straps.  The delicate material of the gown clung to her in all the right places!  


The “less-is-more” factor

Eva’s gown relies on its fabulous cut to make the statement, not dramatic embellishments.  There are no arrays of beads, sequins, lace or intricate 3D appliques, just the flawless flow of ingeniously draped material, all the way to the floor.  This is a perfect look for those brides-to-be who like the uncomplicated design and want to leave the wow-factor to elegant silhouettes.  


Accessories to fit the gown vibe

The clean, sophisticated look of Eva’s gown was enhanced by the elegant simplicity of her accessories.  She opted for only one dainty necklace to complete her look – and we’re betting that her jewellery box is filled to the brim with expensive, luxurious bling she could have adorned herself with!  


Of course, with her famous thick, glossy long hair she didn’t need many accessories.  But, her hairstyle was restrained and chic as well – just barrel type waves held back by a small hair accessory.  A bouquet of delicate Calla Lilies punched up the look.  Everything tied together so well!  A harmony of refinement and style.


Say it with fab fabric

What adds so much to her gown’s five-star, sumptuous vibe is its fabulous fabric – an eggshell white silk crepe.  Lightweight for easy draping and flow, it has a luxurious subtle sheen that gives the dress that fluid styling.  Great choice to create a look that is elegant, graceful and sophisticated.  


The role of time and place

Eva’s simple but elegant ensemble is a fitting reflection of who she is and where she chose to say “I do.”  By her own admission, this wedding wasn’t her “first rodeo” (we think it was her third, but who is counting!), so she just wanted “something sweet and simple and elegant” for her gown.   What Eva wants, Eva gets, right?  And that look was definitely delivered!  


Serendipitously—but more likely by design—Eva’s simple, vintage-inspired gown was also a perfect fit for the site of the wedding – a small Mexican town by a lake, replete with charming cobbled streets and well-preserved colonial buildings.  The bride looked like she was part of that enchanting country landscape!


You may not have a BFF who is a famous designer-celebrity, but you can certainly take a cue from Eva Langoria and entrust the making of your bridal gown to someone whose work you admire and who is passionate about making you look the best you can on your special day.  After that, it’s just a matter of following your vision, sticking to time-honored design maxims, and making sure everything about the ensemble harmonizes with the look and place—just like Eva Langoria did!