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Top Engagement Ring Styles for the Anti Girly Girl

So you're not a girly girl, but a woman through and through. While other ladies might be bedazzling themselves from head to toe in diamond earrings and extravagant bangle bracelets, you might be more of the hemp and beads type of gal. Not to worry! The thought of now having to wear a ring on your finger forever might freak you out a little, but you can relax with the help of Gottlieb & Sons. We promise it won't be pink or flowery. Deep breaths!


Bigger isn’t Always Better


There's a common misconception when it comes to engagement rings that the bigger the bling, the nicer the ring...and while there's nothing wrong with giant diamonds, these things just aren't for the tomboy type. But that’s not to say you can’t add a little sparkle without blinding everyone you wave at. Thin bands with diamond accents like this one can be just the right amount of glimmer you need to feel feminine without going over the top.


Something Sapphire


Just like it’s now totally acceptable to rock a pantsuit to work instead of a dress, you can wear a more subtle engagement ring that doesn’t scream girly girl. This gorgeous ring with sapphire accents is perfect for the woman who embraces the fact that she may not be all florals and frills, but she still has great taste in jewelry.


Shoot for Gold


The anti girly girl isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, so choosing a ring with fewer details is a must. For every groove in your ring, that’s another minute you’re going to spend cleaning gunk out of it, and as a famous meme once said, “ain’t nobody got time for that”. If you’re the type of girl that also tends to appreciate quality over quantity, opt for a simple band with a beautiful center solitaire diamond like this one.


Three’s Company


One of the best things about the non-girly girl personality is that you’re practical. You’re not going to wear a skirt you can barely walk in, and you’re definitely not going to wear a ring that’s going to get caught on everything and get in your way. Choosing a ring with a smooth band and embedded diamonds like this gorgeous trifecta of awesomeness is exactly what you need.


Strikingly Solid


Does shopping for a ring make you want to tie up your running shoes and run for the hills? We promise there’s something for everyone, even the girl who isn’t a fan of all the fanciness. This gorgeous thick banded ring is strong and beautiful, just like its soon to be owner (lookin’ at you!).


It doesn’t matter if the other girls have always fantasized about their engagement rings-- sometimes the best decisions are clean-cut and practical, just like these options. Your ring can be simple and easy-to-wear, while still being as gorgeous as anyone else’s. You can truly have the best of both worlds!

Engagement Ring Styles for your Nail Tips

Nail Tips

Just how every woman has that one favorite lipstick shade, the same loyalty should apply to engagement rings and nail tips. For every diamond shape, there’s a nail tip that will compliment it best. And you can’t get around this rule, as firm and true as the laws of gravity. Seriously, when you’re shopping for that eternal sparkler, there’s no amount of wishing that will make it work—there’s just certain styles you can’t rock, sorry! If you’re not sure about which diamond cuts can work with your nail tips, use this foolproof guide to make sure you never commit this engagement crime.


Look Well-Round


Round nails are making a comeback in the manicure world, especially with classic polishes like pale pinks and French manicures. The more traditional look calls for a traditional ring, so opt for a solitaire cut diamond and a simple band like this one from Gottlieb & Sons. It’s both classic and dainty looking, which will bode well with your Instagram followers!


Square but Sharp


Just because your nails are square doesn’t mean you have to be! When it comes to your engagement ring with nails like this, think “opposites attract”. Cushion cut and round rings look best with square nails to balance out the square shape, and you can play around with diamond bands too. This ring by Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for a square mani, because of its gorgeous rounded center diamond bordered with smaller diamonds.


Simply Short


If your nails are basic, you can go nuts on the bling when it comes to the engagement ring. Short nails tend to give the illusion that your fingers are shorter, so rectangular stones can make your hands look longer. With that, stay away from chunky bands that will appear to shorten your fingers. A slender band like this one from Gottlieb & Sons is perfect for shorter nails, without being too plain Jane!


Sexy and Stiletto


One of the most extreme nail shapes taking over the Pinterest world right now are the pointy, stiletto nails, or should we say claws. They’re savagery in the form of a manicure, and because of their rebellious look, you can’t be wearing some average ring with them. It’s like drinking Dom Pérignon in sweat pants-- it doesn’t work!

An edgy ring like this will pair perfectly with your over-the-top mani, letting you celebrate your feline nails proudly! Meow!


Amazingly Almond


A personal favorite of ours, the almond nail shape is a perfect cross between the traditional round and the sharply square mani. They’re like high-heels for your hands without being too tall and uncomfortable. Since they make your hands look slender, you can select an engagement ring with double banding. Basically, it’s better to go with a chunkier piece that won’t make your hands look too short.



Basically, the lesson here is just because you dig a ring, doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Live by this mantra and never risk clashing your ring with your nail tips. Remember, your nail tips are your womanly power; they’re meant to decorate and beautify you, so choose a ring that celebrates your mani style.