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Engagement Ring Care Tips

It’s the jewelry you’re stuck with for eternity, so you’ll want to make sure it’s always a knockout. There’s nothing impressive about a semi-shiny rock, glazed in makeup, chipotle and whatever other messy obsessions you’ve got. Not cute!  To always keep your sparkler looking its best, you’ll want to take these careful steps to protect your diamond in the rough.

  1. Take It Off!

We cannot stress this one enough, and that’s why it’s made number 1 on this list.  If you’re getting your hands dirty (literally), do your ring a favor and set it aside. When you’re lifting at the gym, playing sports or getting cozy with massage oils, it’s a good idea to let your ring sit on the sidelines—hidden away that is. You don’t want your ring becoming a disgusting roadmap of all your daily activities!

Some women even choose to wear a faux diamond replacement ring, so they’ve still got something marking their non-single status. It shows respect to your fiancé, while also protecting your ring. For most ladies, it’s a brilliant option.

  1. Leave it to the Professionals

Just like spring cleaning, there’s going to come a time in the year where you need to do a full out clean of your ring. But unlike spring cleaning where you must slave away doing it yourself, this is a task better left to the jeweler. They’ll know exactly what to use on your type of stone and metal, and they’ll leave it looking better than when you dropped it off… “I’m here to pick up my glistening diamond, please.” Now, who needs a cocktail when you’ve got this pick-me-up waiting for you?

  1. At-Home Cleaning

In addition to the annual professional cleaning, you’re going to want to take matters into your own hands. Occasionally, you’ll have to get off your cute butt and scrub that ring yourself. Now we don’t mean an aggressive “scrub your bathroom tile” type of cleaning, but a gentle cleanse that will keep your ring looking fresh on the daily. Insider tip: use a makeup brush with dish detergent to clean in between all the little grooves.

  1. Ensure You Insure It

Just like you insure your car or your house, you should insure your engagement ring. There’s nothing worse than losing your gorgeous new ring, oh wait…except losing it and having no money to replace it! You can’t put a price on peace of mind, and insurance is going to make sure you and your ring spend your lives together in holy matrimony.


Remember, he put a ring on it, so the least you can do is keep that ring looking shiny and spotless. You wouldn’t wear a dress with a stain on it (we hope), so you shouldn’t be wearing a ring full of gunk and who knows what. Plus, since you’re newly engaged, you never know when someone’s going to ask to see your ring. Be prepared, ladies!