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Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry You'll Love!

So, you’re getting married! Let the wedding bells ring. While you’re busy primping your ‘do and fluffing your gown, though, you might have overlooked one crucial element of your getup. Your jewelry. Taking your wedding look from boring to bridal is all about that extra bling, and it pays to get yours on point. Want your guests to gasp in awe? It’s time to turn to rose gold.

Rosy, regal and oh-so romantic, rose gold jewelry is the prime pick for your bridal embellishments. And when it comes to picking the pieces to work for you, there’s a whole lot of sparkle to play with. Bridal jewelry is at the top of its game this year and, with a little rose gold finishing, you can be, too!


Simple and pretty


When it comes to getting married, it’s all about the ring. Whether you choose to go big, minimalist or vintage, the choice is yours. Not sure where you stand on the scale? You can never go wrong with a little sparkle! Rose gold stackable bands are a great way of dressing up your look on the day, flashing your finger right through to the back of the room. This banded beauty uses all the right kinds of stone shapes, finishing off your bridal look with that easy, effortless style. This is rose gold to last a lifetime.


A touch of sparkle


Accessories, accessories, accessories. While getting your hair and gown on point are essential parts of any bridal look, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Looking to push your look to the next level? Finish it off with a diamond touch. Clustered together into one perfect pendant, these bridal diamonds are set in rose gold. Elegant, timeless and classic, the pendant will add just enough luxe to your bridal beauty, without going overboard. Check and check.


Vintage dreams


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue; how’s your checklist going? This vintage beauty covers at least two of the list, giving you time to breathe a little easier. Bright, bold and just a little bit of bling, this stunning rose gold sapphire ring is the ultimate finishing touch. Layer it on and let yourself shine!


Teardrops and waterfalls


Are you of the drama queen variety? Nothing makes a statement quite like a shining set of diamonds! This teardrop pendant is all about the big impact, turning all the attention on Y-O-U. Vintage-inspired, the pendant marches that fine line between contemporary and classic, pulling it off with gusto. When you’re looking for a piece to carry you through the main event, rose gold will set you apart from the crowd!


Starry Eyed and Simplistic


Thought simple was a sin? Set your eyes on this rose gold beauty! Glam and gleaming, the two-pronged diamond setting is all you need to shine on your big day. Adorn your fingers with a little sparkle and let the jewelry do all the talking for you. Your guests won’t believe their eyes, right from the back row to the front.


And there you have it; your big day made even better thanks to the help of a little rose gold. Worn around your neck or on your fingers, the softer hued metal is a true miracle worker, no matter your bridal style. It’s your time to shine!

5 Engagement Ring Designs That Will Never Go Out of Style

With the ever-changing fashion trends that dictate our jewelry choices, things can get real tacky really quick-- eek! So, how can you make sure you’re not creating these disasters in the engagement ring department? There’s nothing worse than purchasing a piece of jewelry you’re supposed to wear every day and then seeing it in the “Fashion Don’ts” column of Cosmopolitan only a year after you bought it. So, there’s one thing we can all agree on – engagement rings should be timeless. With the help of Gottlieb & Sons, let’s look at the most stylish engagement rings that you won’t have to worry about trading in 10, 20 or even 30 anniversaries from now.


Tried and True


Don’t get us wrong, we love a trend-driven bedazzled engagement ring once in a while, but nothing quite says “forever” like a classically cut ring like this one. Complete with a diamond encrusted band, this piece is going to have women from their 20’s to their 80’s gushing about it.


Rose Gold Never Retires


Rose gold metal has made an appearance in the jewelry scene all throughout history, so it’s no surprise it’s on our list of engagement ring classics. Gottlieb & Sons has perfected the balance between timeless and trendy with this dazzling rose gold ring. Until death do you part when it comes to this beautiful piece!


Eternal Obsession


They say obsession isn’t healthy, but when it comes to this ring, it’s hard to avoid. This piece is classically elegant in every way with its heavenly halo and perfectly cut round diamond. Ultimately, its femininity and grace will never die, starting from your early years as a newlywed to the journey of marriage ahead.


Three for Me, Please


This trifecta of diamonds couldn’t be more timeless if it tried. With a stunning arrangement of two precious sparklers between a central knockout diamond, it’s sheer elegance far surpasses the limitations of trends. In the world of engagement rings, this design has us saying, “if you like it then you should’ve put a (deposit) on it”.


Happily Ever After with Emeralds


This sophisticated design will never make the “out of style” list. Its elegant emerald cut offers a vintage essence, combined with a modern halo to create a unique combo of old and new. For girlie girls, it may be reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s style, so if you love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you know what it means to be classically chic.  That’s how you know this baby will withstand the test of time-- just like her little black dress!


Our final words: don’t choose an engagement ring based on this season’s hottest trends, or even this year’s most popular designs. We all make mistakes, especially in the fashion world, but you can’t go wrong with engagement ring styles that will never go out of style. Remember, diamonds are forever – or at least these classic ones are.

Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry for the Big Day

When it comes to trends, rose gold is the new black. We're seeing this perfect blend of copper and gold in all things girly -- nails, accessories, bags, and even bridal jewelry. Its warm hues are flattering on many different skin tones, adding a gorgeous, feminine glow. Not to mention it's so versatile in that it pairs well with silver, gold and diamonds. So why not opt for blush tones for the blushing (or power-tripping) bride with these stunning pieces by Gottlieb & Sons?


The Classic Cluster Pendant


Rose gold gives these clustered diamonds an extra pop in this pendant necklace, which is perfectly paired with a strapless sweetheart neckline or a deep V gown. Simple, dainty jewelry is gaining popularity for bridal looks this year, as brides begin to add more drama to the gown itself rather than the accessories. The rose gold does however add contrast to the classic white dress and makes this pendant a real game-changer.


Modern Yet Vintage


The copper alloy of rose gold has been used for many generations and has been called a series of different names over the years, such as pink gold and blush gold. Its use originally began in the 19th century in Russia and so it is also known as "Russian gold". Rose gold pieces for brides now nod to a more traditional era, while also taking on a more modern pattern like this bracelet by Gottlieb & Sons.


Stackable Luxury


One of the most popular choices for wearing rose gold jewelry is on a gorgeous ring. Without taking away from your engagement ring, rose gold seems to have more subtlety and softness on the hand. This ring encrusted with 7 linked diamonds is also stackable, allowing you to mix metals on your big day as you see fit! Who says you can’t go diamond-crazy with the sparkle?


Mixed Metals


For the chic bride, mixing rose and white gold like in this modern necklace is perfect for showing off her unique personality. It says you’re not afraid to break the rules and live life on the edge, while also staying true to your fashion conscience.  This solid rose gold piece brings out the diamonds encrusted in the white gold, while providing feminine pink tones. There is seriously nothing but happy tears flowing for this teardrop shaped necklace.


Chain Link Bracelets


Chain Links are becoming more and more popular for 2017, and we're not just talking about the old ball and chain. Brides are opting for these links of love for their wedding day, especially now that they come with rose gold accents like this gorgeous chain from Gottlieb & Sons. Chain link bracelets are also versatile in that they can be worn even after your wedding without looking too over-the-top.


Bottom line, you can't go wrong with rose gold for your big day. Whether you're a more traditional bride who likes the elegance of a simple pendant, or a trendy, modern bride who is drawn to chunkier or more abstract pieces, rose gold jewelry is going to let every bride dominate in her pics.