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Best Beach Wedding Hairstyles from Pinterest

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya…Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama…


The Beach Boys had it so right!  Who does not love a sandy-sunny beach with that vast expanse of shimmering, blue water?  As a wedding venue it truly is romance personified.  But this nuptials setting does come with some concerns.  Elemental ones, mainly:  the possibility of wind, sandy gusts, and Poseidon forbid—high waves!


A bride’s hairstyle for the beach must of course be fashion forward, but it should also anticipate possible Mother Nature temper tantrums.  No point in having intricate, tight curls pinned up high bouffant style – that balmy, breezy air has a tendency to play havoc with any over-contrived hair do.  Plus, one strong wind wallop, and that carefully arranged coiffure shifts into an awkward configuration!  Ooops!  Cancel the photo ops!  


So what’s a fashion-conscious beach bride to do?  


Twisting and Braiding Against The Wind


Well, she can consult Pinterest about the latest bridal hair designs for a start.  And Pinterest says: it’s all about braids, twists, half up-dos and buns this year.  And that’s just fab, because these styles are so beach-appropriate—soft, and natural. And the best thing of all? The braiding acts a perfect shield for your tresses against any wind surprises.  Bring it on, Zephyrus! Huff and puff away!


If your locks are on the shorter side, not to worry. A good stylist savvy about extensions, can do wonders with any hair lengths and types to create all kinds of braided marvels.


And the variations and permutations are endless:  from the standard three-strand style to the nostalgic milkmaid or retro fishtail to the more sophisticated French or Dutch braiding.

Pair it with a low bun to get that more polished sheen, a half up do for a more relaxed vibe, or a half-down for that young bride feel.  Whatever mix-and-match you choose, the braided-bride look will rock on the beach.


And if you’re a Game of Thrones-obsessed (and who isn’t?), this option has an added attraction.  Is there a maiden in that iconic show that does not have a woven and twisted mane? Not likely.  So, live out your own little Thrones fantasy at your dream beach wedding, at least hair-wise!


Loosen It Up

What’s the beach all about? The sun and kicking back.  And a looser hair style will make you appear more in tune with this setting.  Think your quintessential California girl.  That slightly messy, sexy, tousled type of up do is so on trend.  The wisps blowing in the breeze may make your first kiss as man and wife slightly shaggy, but so what?   Just laugh it off.  The style is so charming and custom-made for seaside nuptials


Ride The Waves

But for that hands-down beachy look, go for waves.  So in sync with the ocean!  Oh, and practical!  Have you ever tried to maintain straight, sleek hair with the mist spraying off the water and humidity?  Impossible.  But the wavy texture will stand up to the climate.  And with flowers or marine-themed trinkets woven into the wreath on top of your wavy locks flowing and shimmering in the sun, you’ll look like a beach goddess or a mermaid (sans the tail, of course).  How divine!



Absolutely—a seashore wedding can be super romantic and so boho.  But, the wind, humidity, sandy gusts, and rain, are the stuff of many nuptials-on-the-beach nightmare stories. So prepare your tresses for any tough punches Mother Nature may throw.  And with the help of these Pinterest ideas, do it without giving up your fashion flair.   


One more word to the wise, though: skip the veil. Chasing it down the shore in the middle of “I dos”, or having it fetched back to the bridal party by a man wearing only tight speedos, is probably a memory you can do without!