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Memorable Engagement Rings from Romantic Movies

Ok, ladies, let’s get out the Kleenex— it’s going to be a tearful ride.  There are few scenes in movies that make us sob, whimper and weep more than those that involve a marriage proposal—especially if that moment is shared between two star-crossed lovers.  Somehow all the twists and turns of outrageous fortune endured —by both the lovers and the viewers—are made all worthwhile when finally, love is proclaimed and pledged forever.  We’re starting to tear up already….

And when that love is proclaimed and accepted, the ring is often brought out and slipped on the finger of the woman in the equation.  However, most of the time, the moment is so dramatic that the camera rarely pans to the hand being ringed – which is understandable from a directorial point of view.  But as much as we want to see the emotion and passion on the faces of the two characters, this thought also sometimes crosses our minds:  “I wonder what kind of ring he gave her…”  Right?

Let’s take a look at five ultra-romantic movies that titillate us with both scenarios.


Carrie and Mr. Big: Sex and the City 2

Carrie’s on-again-off-again love affair with Mr. Big, spanned many years of television episodes and one movie sequel before our quintessentially 21st century romantic heroine got that famous black diamond ring from Mr. Big—the today’s version of Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy—in the second sequel.  Why a black diamond, Carrie asks?  “Because you’re not like anyone else,” he proclaims.  Sigh!

The ring is a stunner – it’ a 5 carat black diamond surrounded by 80 natural round white pave diamonds, all set in 18 karat white gold.  Unique and extraordinary, it seems also to have left a legacy – a trend toward non-traditional engagement rings kicked into second gear post-movie launch. You can find this trend, featuring black diamonds at Gottlieb & Sons.

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Rhett and Scarlett, Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind is considered by most cinephiles as the most beloved and popular film of all time.  Made in 1939, it is adapted from Margaret Mitchel’s best-selling Civil War and Reconstruction Period novel of no less than 1,037 pages!  So no wonder, many of the details in the novel were omitted from the cinematic version!  One of them was the ring that mesmerized-by-love, rogue with the heart of gold, Rhett Butler, gave to the spoiled-to-the-core, conniving but charming and feisty Scarlett.  2

As Ms. Mitchel describes in the book, "The ring Rhett brought back from England was large indeed, so large it embarrassed Scarlett to wear it….Oh, feedlededee, to quote Scarlet, what would this ring have actually looked like?  Maybe like this.



Edward and Bella, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

By all accounts, the engagement ring Edward, the brooding vampire had given to his love-forever Bella in the novel was a challenge to create for the film.  The writer, Stephanie Meyer described it in the book as a delicate piece with an oval face “set with slanting rows of glittering round stones.”  

The cinematic version of the ring went through various configurations before it came close to its original design —but possibly not its dimensions— shots in the film show an oval, antique-looking pave setting bauble of gigantic proportions.  Find your dream Twilight-inspired ring by Gottlieb & Sons with this elegant Vintage inspired shared prong set double halo engagement ring with an oval center diamond.


Clare and Henry:  The Time Traveler’s Wife

When Henry DeTamble, a Chicago librarian with a paranormal genetic disorder that causes him to randomly time travel, slips a ring on the finger of his sleeping wife-in-the-past-and-future-but-not-in-the present, Clare Abshire, we are all taken by how gorgeous this bauble is.  Well, it would have to be quite an extraordinary rock to get her to marry him, right?  After all, the guy is gone gallivanting all over the time continuum all the time.

The ring is a substantial oval diamond set horizontally on the band—it’s…dare I say it…of timeless design! Discover a similar design with Gottlieb & Sons superb infinity twist shared prong set semi-mount engagement ring with a horizontal center diamond.



Rose and Jack:  Titanic

Ok, so maybe this ring from one of the biggest romantic movies ever, Titanic , did not pledge the two star-crossed lovers forever, but it sure played an important role in their fate, and resonated historically.  As Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater fall in love, Rose wears a highly visible engagement ring from her haughty, elitist, dis-fiancé, Cal – and it becomes a symbol of the conflict brewing around them.  

Interestingly, a similar ring was found on the real Titanic’s wreckage, and inspired the cinematic version.  Set in a vaulted and tiered, deco style, silver stetting, it has a large central diamond flanked by baguette style diamonds on either side. Certainly, a very beautiful ring, but obviously, no match for Jack’s “King of the world” passion!


Live this classic dream with the Gottlieb & Sons version, featuring a stunning Square Emerald Cut diamond and two bullet shaped side diamonds.

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These great romantic films are definitely in the “chick-flick” category, so if you’ve set your sights on one of these rings and are planning to get your guy to watch the film in which the bauble makes an appearance (literally or figuratively) in order to give him some subtle hints, you might be out of luck!  But you can certainly try!  And if he does agree to watch the film with you, he must love you a lot, you lucky girl!