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Wedding Dress Trends of Spring 2017

Wedding Dress Trends of Spring 2017

Oh, my!  We’re not sure our grandmothers (or even our mothers) would approve of many of the wedding dress trends awaiting the brides of 2017!  Our fashion-conscious blushing brides who want to be fashion-forward at their nuptials may just have more reasons to blush next year.

The word is out – many designers have hopped on the “sexy” wagon, keen on revealing as much skin as possible in places traditionally covered by all that satin, while others are taking the opposite approach by covering places traditionally kept uncovered.  The bridal fashion world seems to be strutting in their own version of the yin and yang.


The “Bare” Essentials Trends

Plunging necklines and bare shoulders

While the traditional sweetheart neckline can certainly be cleavage revealing, next year’s designs are certainly pushing the envelope in that area – or “plunging” it, you might say.  The deep V-necks in some designs are at risk of becoming known by the next letter in the alphabet, X.  Talk about your neckline meeting your navel!  Time to dust off that Chest Workout Plan, ladies!

The off-the-shoulder bridal silhouette is not necessarily a newsflash, but it does seem like the cold shoulder trend will be heating up for 2017.  



Ah, the peek-a-boo design!  Strategically placed cut-outs is another trend gaining momentum.  It is certainly a way for a bride to flaunt her best assets!  If you’re proud of your waist you worked so hard to get in shape since that ring went on your finger, cut outs just above the hips will show it off!  This almost structural design does have a certain edgy, modern vibe and depending on the dimensions of the bare spaces, can be eye-catching without becoming cold-catching.  

High-Low Gowns

And the skin-revealing trend continues from the top of the gown to the bottom with the high-low design.  While the thinner fabric on ready-to-wear dresses makes this popular design rather more soft-focus, the rich bridal materials on a wedding gown hikes up the theatricality of that look exponentially. But, if it’s your legs you want to show off to the world at your wedding, this is your pick. Hello, Victorian can-can girl!


The “Cover-Up” Trend

Was it a reaction against all that skin exposure or just a trickle-down effect from ready-to-wear fashion?  Whatever it was, capes of all shapes and sizes will be flowing down the aisle in 2017.  Think capelets, bomber jackets, boleros, ponchos and cloak-trains!  This trend is for the brides with a Supergirl fixation!

Menswear Elements

With “princess for a day” life-long visions occupying most brides’ fantasies, chances are that bridal pant suits are not going to be the hottest trend of 2017.  Still, women have worn trousers for many centuries now, so why not to the altar?  

Long Sleeves

Think long sleeves will say “matronly” and “conservative” as you glide down that aisle? Maybe it’s time to re-think that. Designs for 2017 have made ample use of illusion lace, 3-D floral embellishments and pops of peek-a-boo skin to turn the long sleeve into a sexy but sophisticated adornment.  And for that extra wow, you can always add an open back and a low neckline, right?  



Now the question is, to cover or to uncover? For that you have to think hard about what your best assets are and what you want to say with your bridal ensemble.  But you know what?  You can adapt all these trends to suit your own taste and style — it’s just a matter of how far you’re willing to go to push that envelope, right?  But “sexy” is definitely in for next spring’s brides!  Even with the “cover” approach, designers have ingeniously devised ways to still bare as much skin as possible!