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6 Bridal Jewelry Styles Fit for a Princess

We all grew up dreaming of a wedding day like the ones in the movies. We all fought with our friends or sisters over who was going to be Cinderella, Belle or Jasmine. Now you’ve finally found your Prince Charming, so it’s only natural to crave jewelry that screams “princess” to truly complete your happily ever after. With the help of Gottlieb & Sons, you’ll teach Disney a few tricks on what it means to be a princess with these extravagant bridal jewelry pieces.


Reserved for Royalty


Of course, we had to start with a ring on our list of our top six perfectly princess bridal jewelry styles. Get a load of the filigree on this gorgeous diamond ring-- not to mention the gold intertwined to create this glamorous look. You’ll feel more glorious than Ariel did when she earned those long legs!


Princess Perfect


Every princess deserves a dazzling pendant to catch the eye of all her guests, and this one is sure to do the trick. Yellow diamonds surrounding an enormous center diamond make a WOW statement.

The hint of yellow color offers an unexpected twist on the typical white diamond, letting you look both unique and gorgeous. You’ll have your unforgettable princess moment, one that couldn’t have been better, even if you had a fairy godmother-- she tried.


Bippity-Boppity Beautiful!


Nothing is more princessy than a pair of dangling earrings worn on a beautiful bride. With their vine-like twists and leaf shape diamond clusters, they gracefully capture romance and fantasy. They look absolutely stunning with a strapless sweetheart neckline, and would definitely be the talk of the wedding (besides the lovely couple of course!).


Belle of the Ball


For the bride who loves extravagance and truckloads of attention on her special day (who wouldn’t), this gorgeous two-toned bracelet is the one. With ladders of gold capped by diamonds, you’re going to live out your fairy tale ending with a bang. It also gives you one more reason to dance with your hands up as much as possible, leaving a trail of sparkling energy wherever you roam-- like a real princess.


Her Majesty’s Muse


If you still don’t have enough bling, why not opt for this unique diamond-encrusted ring. With swirls of glittering gold, this piece looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. Seriously, if Princess Ariel found this on the ocean floor she would’ve swiped it and added it to her collection STAT. “Look at this one, isn’t it neat?” Now you can really be the girl who has everything!


Make Like a Monarchy


Last but certainly not least, this heart pendant piece channels everything princess. It’s dainty and conservative, but intricate in its gorgeous design. Forget the glass slippers, if Cinderella dropped this necklace she would’ve gone back for it…midnight or not! It even kinda reminds us of the “Heart of the Ocean” pendant from Titanic…not that Rose was a princess but she kisses Leo DiCaprio so that’s close enough!



If you want to look like royalty on your big day, you’re going to need to ramp up the sparkle with these diamond pieces. Think Cinderella meets Kesha- have yourself dripping in glitter and gold. It’s the one day in your life you can’t be too overdressed, so make like a princess and don’t be afraid to shine!