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Best Engagement Ring Styles to Suit Your Finger Shape

Let’s be real-- we’ve all had an idea of our perfect wedding ring since we were young. And if not, then we’ve definitely considered it as we got older and “cooler”. Maybe it’s that oval cut that you saw in a bridal magazine last month. Maybe your favorite Instagram blogger has a princess cut, which you obsessively took ten screenshots of. Or, hey—maybe you were always rooting for Jackie and Michael in That ‘70s Show, so your jaw hit the floor when you saw Mila’s beautiful emerald cut.

But what looks good on one woman’s hand won’t necessarily fit yours. Everybody’s finger shape is different, and so, the design you want may not actually suit your hand. Don’t be worried though; your dream is not ruined! There’s a ring out there for every woman—you just have to find the right fit. And since you’ve already aced the hard part (getting the man), finding the ring style should be easy as saying “I do”.


If You Have Thick Fingers

It’s possible to make your fingers appear more slender with the right choice. The trick with thick fingers is to cover as much skin as possible. Choose broader diamond shapes, like the oval or emerald cut to make your fingers look slimmer. In terms of arrangement,  single-set diamonds tend to make thick fingers look wider, so why not try a trilogy engagement ring?


Why settle for one diamond when you could have three? Or, let’s get really crazy and choose a cluster of diamonds as shown beautifully by this engagement ring by Gottlieb & Sons.  The more the merrier, right? No complaining here!


If You Have Long Fingers

Well, you’ve been blessed! Most engagement ring styles work really well with long fingers. Aren’t you lucky?28779

If you want to go classic, then a round or princess cut will always look elegant on your hand. But, long fingers also have the amazing ability to support larger and more extravagant rings. We’re talking higher carat and colored, if you want. Think: Princess Diana, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian levels of extravagant.


You’ll look Instagram-ready in almost anything! Just make sure that your nails are done!


If You Have Skinny Fingers

When choosing an engagement ring for slender fingers, the important thing is not to overpower them. So, even though you may think that a huge statement ring is what you want, you’ll realize that your hand may look lost underneath it.


It’s all about looking proportionate, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a gorgeous ring! Smaller stones can help make your fingers appear wider, so why not go for that cushion, oval, or round cut? Speaking of which, can’t we all gush over Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ love story (and her oval ring)?


If You Have Small Fingers

If people often marvel over your petite hands, you’ll have to keep your ring proportions small. Even though you may lust after a statement ring that you saw on TV, you don’t want to overwhelm your dainty fingers with something massive!29734

The key is to elongate the appearance of the fingers. So, you do have quite a few options: oval, pear, round, princess, marquise, heart … See? Look at all of the radiant possibilities!



At the end of the day, every woman can find the perfect ring. Whether it be large and extravagant or delicate and classic, your ring will make everyone swoon if it fits your finger perfectly. Like the man, the right ring is out there-- you just have to be patient.

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