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Classic Engagement Rings for the Old School Gal

When we think old school, the word “vintage” comes to mind. But why are so many brides drawn to the elegant look of these pieces? Maybe it’s because there’s something so precious about them, or because they take us back in time when chivalry was alive and well. Whatever it is, the intricate designs of antique style engagements rings are perfect for the old school bride with an appreciation for the timelessness of such jewelry. Gottlieb & Sons has a large collection of vintage inspired rings for every bride, that each have their own unique twist on their tribute to a previous era.


The Victorian Era


The 1800’s Victorian era was marked by Queen Victoria’s reign of England. During this time, many women’s engagement rings were inspired by the Queen herself who had an emerald engagement ring as it was her birthstone. Did you know that most engagement rings during this era featured the birthstone of the bride, rather than the diamond we know today? This engagement ring by Gottlieb & Sons is a testament to this era, with modern touches of diamonds surrounding the emerald itself.


The Edwardian Era


During the reign of King Edward, the era was known as Edwardian—sounds fancy, right? Back then, rings were often made with platinum, which enabled the creation of more complex designs due to its strength. Such designs were inspired by lace and flower petals that made for engagement rings that were feminine and intricate in their silhouette, such as the one on the right from Gottlieb & Sons.


Many brides who opt for a more vintage inspired ring enjoy the Edwardian engagement rings because of their unique patterns. They were also not limited to diamond cut, as the one above shows circular cut diamonds, but square shapes were also very popular during this time. The combination of soft vine-like designs with a squared-off center diamond created a stunning contrast that really makes the ring pop!


Art Deco


Rush into the roaring 20’s with cool, architectural style jewelry. The use of white gold was on the rise and linear rings were all the rage. Simple bands were also popular during this time, but could be livened up with bold gemstones or several diamonds instead of one centered diamond. An engagement ring from this era is perfect for an artsy bride (or the closeted flapper) — think Jordan’s style from The Great Gatsby, for all you Leonardo DiCaprio lovers out there!


Old Hollywood


As the second World War came to a close, the 50’s promised a life of luxury for many families. Hollywood actors and actresses rose to stardom and inspired glamorous, over-the-top accessories, including engagement rings of course. It was gold’s time to shine during this period, with most rings featuring yellow gold bands encrusted with diamonds like this one featured by Gottlieb & Sons.


Each of these gorgeous rings are inspired by eras of romance and class. So, if you’re a trendsetter or trend-reviver with a huge heart for history, you were meant to have a vintage inspired ring.

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