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Engagement Rings Wedding Bands Combos

As every picky lady knows, your wedding band is the finishing touch to your engagement ring. One cannot exist without the other. While some gals prefer a glitzy accent band, others appreciate a simple version, allowing their sparkling rock to be the center of attention.

If you’re undecided about which band style to choose, here are some gorgeous combinations that will leave you starry-eyed.

Halo Ring Combo


Halo rings were made popular by elegant ladies like Kate Middleton (with her Sapphire blue halo ring) and Natalie Portman, who reigned as the Swan Queen in The Black Swan film by Darren Aronofsky. In case you're not familiar with this type of ring, it is a model recognized by its centre stone framed by a setting of smaller stones or engravings -- which not only tastefully emphasizes the main diamond, but also holds the gems securely.

This particular style by Gottlieb & Sons features a round diamond surrounded by a delicate engraved bead halo, placed within a prong setting. And with its fluid composition, it leads the eye from the sparkling centre, to its dazzling band with its milgrain border.


Rose Gold Combo


Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold and copper, which results in a metallic hue that is extremely romantic and tends to compliment various skin tones. This colour has most recently been embraced by technological brands like Apple for its accessories, and seen throughout the fashion world -- for instance on the 2016 Victoria Secret Paris Fashion Show with the rose gold bomber jacket, or on the fine details on popular Michael Kors watches. So it's not surprising that even the goddess-like actress Blake Lively, known for portraying the fashion-forward Serena on Gossip Girl, embraced rose gold for her engagement ring.

This halo ring is done up in a vintage style, and shaped like a flower with pointed petals. It has milgrain details framing the diamond band -- giving it a feel that's both young and sophisticated. It's ideal for a bride who appreciates nature (or even dreams of that Spring or Summer wedding ceremony) or someone yearning for something stylish yet not quite conventional.



Emerald Ring Combo


The most fashionable of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh Spice, knows what she wants -- and her collection of engagement rings consists of 13 jewel pieces, including some spectacular emerald cut diamonds. As a more unique variation to the round diamond counterpart, the cutting technique used to produce these types of diamonds, achieves extra shimmer and interplay of light, creating a ring that is extremely elegant, flattering and iconic -- as seen with models like this.


This emerald diamond ring, with its halo intermixed with bead set diamonds, can be easily worn in everyday life -- either to add some personality to some office business attire, or worn with a lovely bracelet and ball gown for a charity event. It's no wonder divas like Mariah Carey gravitate towards this type of engagement ring (as seen by her 35-carat ring given to her by James Parker).


To add a down-to-earth element along with effortlessness, you can wear the this radiant cut (square shaped to compliment the emerald) eternity ring, which encompasses minimalist luxury which is truly timeless.



Elaborate Ring Combo


Fergie, the popular singer (who also hosted hit television series X Factor), enchanted us with her beautiful engagement ring from Josh Duhamel, when she wore a 4-carat diamond framed by a starburst pattern. And although, wide-rimmed engagement rings are far from traditional, they embody both femininity and strength -- capturing the millennial feminist spirit of our age in a beautiful way.

Contrasting the typical dainty band, this type of model is more solid, and takes up more space -- proving that a female doesn't always have to be a blushing bride, and can instead  be both opinionated and charming.


This ring is a perfect take on the wide-rimmed ring. For with its touch of modernity, and five rows of diamond bridges around the central diamond -- it can be worn with a cuff bracelet.


Use these ring duos as inspiration for your own combination. Make sure the design, color and shape is complementary to your engagement ring, letting the whole arrangement work together beautifully. Happy pairing, ladies!

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