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Wedding inspiration: Kardashian Bridal Accessories

Ok, so maybe your wedding will not draw hundreds of Hollywood stars, legions of paparazzi, and millions of television viewers like Kim Kardashian’s weddings number one and two, but you can still get the look of these celebrated, stylish nuptials — minus all that media hoopla.  It can be as simple as getting Kardashian-inspired bridal accessories.

Kardashian Bridal Accessories (Wedding #1)

That Iconic Headpiece

For her wedding #1 in 2011 to Kris Humphries, Kim wore a sparkling diamond drop headpiece around the crown of her head.  She really rocked that princess/gypsy look that brunettes with a high forehead carry off so well.  


This awesome headpiece reportedly cost a cool $2.5 million.  But, if that price tag has a few zeros too many for you, and you’re into that exotic and regal look, you can find plenty of rhinestones replicas of this headpiece online. Just google Kardashian-inspired bridal headpiece.


The Veil

Kim’s veil was a dramatic, flowing, white cathedral-length silk number that rivalled and perhaps exceeded the dimensions of the veil donned by Diana (you know… the Princess of Wales).  Great copies of this design can also be found online, for a fraction of the cost of the original one.


The Earrings

Since the diamond headpiece was the pièce de résistance jewellery-wise, Kim’s earrings were simple tear drop diamonds.   Well, simple by Kardashian standards, and in design only.  These “simple” diamond baubles were 28 carats and cost $5 million.  If this type of “simplicity” is not compatible with your budget, you can opt for this stunning pair by Gottlieb & Sons that will say Kardashian without breaking the bank.


Kardashian Bridal Accessories (Wedding #2)

Fast forward just a few years.  Kim’s wedding #2 to rapper Kanye West in 2014 was a slightly less commercialized -- but just as lavish and publicized -- Italian affair.  


For obvious reasons, Kim wanted a completely different bridal look than the one she made iconic getting hitched to Kris Humphreys…after all she did dump him only 72 days later amid much scandal and public humiliation!


This Time, Fewer Accessories

Kim’s bridal look in 2011 was traditional princess; her 2014 ensemble was much more understated and chic, with just a few accessories.  No glitzy headband dripping with diamonds, just her hair down, simply parted in the middle.  


The Silk Train

Still there was that cathedral-length silk train, exquisitely trimmed with lace.  This design has been copied by many since the wedding, and is available to any bride looking for that Kardashian touch.  

silk train

The Earrings

Those elegant diamond studs -- the only jewellery adorning her ensemble apart from the gargantuan diamond rings (engagement and wedding band) – make a luxurious statement.  If you have champagne taste on a beer budget, you can get them from merchants offering Kardashian style jewellery for a very small fraction of what Kanye dished out for the originals. Check out the Gottlieb & Sons magic collection diamond cluster stud earrings for a gorgeous Kim-infused touch.


The Shoes


That simple but elegant vibe of Kim’s bridal look certainly extended to her shoes.  The Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti chosen by Kim to customize her shoes for her nuptials, created a flawless, ivory satin four-inch heel that completed her look.


In a way, most of Kim’s accessorizing for her 2nd walk to the altar came all ready with her fabulous gown – an intricately laced, couture number designed by Givenchy.  Those sheer sleeves with many details, sheer cut-outs at her waist, and an entirely sheer back provided a more stunning visual interest than most accessories would.  

But the best accessory of all?  Hands down, that adorable baby in her arms!  Unfortunately, this best “Kardashian accessory” is not available for purchase anywhere!

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