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Spring Style Trends!

This past March, the Jewelry Information Center, posted their observations of the hottest trends for fine jewelry this spring.
For Earrings, the Button is back.  Very popular throughout the 50’s and 80’s, this classic look comes back with a modern twist.  Pave diamond clusters and other smaller designs appeal to women of all ages.  To get the absolute most versatility from a new pair of earrings, consider the Gottlieb & Sons Convertible Earring Jackets.  With over 50 designs, you can get the “button” look with your own stud earrings.  When the time is right, convert them into a dangle earring, and give yourself  three distinct looks from one pair of studs.
The Necklaces gaining popularity this spring are inspired by big bold scarves. This look usually has tassels of some sort, similar to the Gottlieb & Sons’ style 28637B.  This thick black cord necklace holds a black and white diamond conical swirl slide and is finished off with diamond and Black Agate ends.
The popularity of the Large Cuff Bracelet is waning, partly due to high gold prices and changing styles.  Open Gold designs will be popular.  Now more than ever, woman are appreciating the uniqueness of alternative gems and metals like Blackened Sterling Silver and Green Amethyst.  Jewelry needs to be unique, versatile and durable to get into the jewelry boxes of women today and Gottlieb & Sons jewelry is just that.

Convertible Earrings Get 2012 JCK Jewelers Choice Award!

Jewelers from across America voted on their favorite jewelry in different categories and Gottlieb & Sons’ convertible earring jackets WON!  Our innovative design allows you to wear Diamond Studs three different ways. 

We want to say Thank You, to all the jewelers that voted for us.  We are truly grateful.

Instore Magazine Features Convertibles in Opening Lines

Instore Magazine featured Gottlieb & Sons’ Convertibles in their new section called Opening Lines. Keep up with Instore for all the latest industry news. Thank you, Instore!

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, How Will You Ask Her To Marry You?

Thinking of proposing on the ultimate romance day of the year? Make February 14th unforgettable for her. “Place roses and rose petals around the room and light candles everywhere. Create a CD of romantic music and have it playing when she comes home. Invite her to dance with you and spend the evening whispering sweet nothings in her ear as you dance. Have the last song be Martina McBride's 'Valentine' and as it ends, get down on one knee and propose.” This is just one marriage proposal idea out of many that are listed on features breathtaking proposal ideas if you’re planning to propose on a special occasion such as a holiday, during a certain season, or while traveling. Whether it is that you’re planning to propose during a certain holiday like Valentine’s Day, during your summer vacation together at Disney World or if you decide to send your loved one on a treasure hunt for her ring, there are plenty of ideas for you to explore. Read more here

A 10 Second Trick to Make Your Jewelry Sparkle

Many questions come up about how to safely clean jewelry, especially fine and bridal jewelry. Glamour Weddings shares a quick 10 second trick that is safe on traditional diamonds and all metals. So what’s the secret?

Photo: Flickr/Tela Chhe

Rubbing alcohol! A simple rubbing alcohol wipe can put the sparkle back in the jewelry most precious to you. The next time you notice your jewelry lost its “bling” factor, try the rubbing alcohol wipe. For other gentle and effective ways to clean your jewelry, click here.

Engagement Ring Trend Series: Vintage/Heirloom

Inspired by the timelessness of Audrey Hepburn, tailored dress and Mad Men – vintage engagement ring styles are back. From the beautiful and elegant hand engravings on the side to the diamonds around the crown, Gottlieb & Sons put a unique twist on these traditional engagement rings.

A Legoland Proposal

Glamour Magazine featured a one-of-a-kind proposal in stop-motion! Walt Thompson spent 22 hours taking pictures of his Legos – 2,600 to be exact – and edited them to create an incredible stop-motion proposal video. This thoughtful video includes special elements of their relationship, such as how the couple met and activities they do together. See the video here Would you say YES?

DIY Wedding Ideas Made Simple

Want some great DIY wedding ideas to give your wedding a personal touch? Martha Stewart Weddings has some great ideas to get you started, including custom banners, ribbon reminders for your wedding date, hand-made hanging lanterns, and much more. Get more ideas here and add a little creativity to your big day!

The Great Marriage Proposals of 2011

We love to hear about marriage proposals that are creative and special. The New York Times featured the engagement stories of several couples from this past year.

Image via The New York Times/Tom Bloom

The proposals vary from a gentleman dropping to one knee on stage during a theater performance to a proposal in the midst of Paris’ most romantic landmarks.

We celebrate these engagements because they are unique and timeless memories that each couple will remember for the rest of their lives.

Read the full article here.